The meaning of the song «electric slide»

The meaning of the song «electric slide» songs

This composition is performed in the genre of disco and funk. It was created by foreign musician Mark Smith. Who started in the 1970s as a musician and producer. This is when he participated in the creation of some songs that belonged to other groups. He was engaged in arranging and playing the second plan.

Composition appears.

The song Electric slide is a hit and sounds on different radio stations. It was written in 1976 and is still popular thanks to the name of the dance of the same name. In the video, this dance is performed, expressed in a catchy and easy choreography. The dance consists of a combination of steps left and right. Due to which the dancer moves next to the partner. What looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

The composition was rewritten over time by most groups with the addition of the playing of some instruments. And constantly sounds at dance parties or weddings. Popularity and recognition is observed everywhere.

How the composition was created.

The composition appeared as an association with the dance of the same name, popular at disco parties in New York. This African-American dance with elements of disco, soul, funk was much more difficult. And included complex movements, turns and steps. What added unusual beauty and sense of rhythm. So each dancer had to train from 120 hours after they could go on stage or in public. Previously, the dance was unusually complex and required considerable strength and good coordination of movements.

Today, the dance has been simplified, excluding some elements of turns and complex flexible movements from the composition. So that anyone can learn in dance clubs. In a relatively short period of time.

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So Mark Smith, having repeatedly encountered this direction of dance, decided to create a composition with a clip. To most accurately and colorfully display the attractiveness and exoticism of dance movements.

The meaning of composition.

The video does not contain any lyrics of the song itself. This is a dance arranged by various musical instruments. So that the dancer can feel the rhythm and move beautifully to the music. Here it is necessary to understand that the dancer needs time to determine what movement needs to be done for a particular section of the composition.

When “casting” various instruments in one musical stream. Dancers often get lost. Which leads to a dissimilar performance of the dance and its techniques of the same clip. Individual dancers individually understand the melody and associate, thanks to their imagination.

But Mark wanted to systematize this dance. So that he was always beautiful and attractive. And the fantasy of individual dancers forced to spoil the performance. Due to individual erroneous uses of movements. Not in the place of musical works where it is necessary. Which led to the fact that the dancer had to return to the starting position in the middle of the work and use only standard techniques. This made the dance gray and monotonous.

The steps, turns and movements of the Electric Slide dance correspond to the moments of the composition and rhythm of the music. Under which this dance is performed. Based on this, compositions should not be fast and aggressive with the “overlapping” of the sound of different instruments in one stream. And the dancer gets lost and performs the dance not with suitable techniques for the rhythm of the composition. What makes the clip incomprehensible and the dance does not match the piece of music. From what does not become popular and rhythmic. Viewers watching a clip of the music they like remember these movements for a long time.

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Conclusion about the composition.

This clip is aimed at ensuring that its melody and beauty bring the same pleasure to both listeners and dancers. The performer of this dance should understand the meaning of the melody more deeply and associate it with something. With some pleasant memories or people.

It is not necessary that the clip be beautiful and popular, you need to fill it with words or consonant text. A person from listening to or viewing a composition associates it with personal experiences and joys, memories. Such musical works are popular and find listeners.

Vivacity and beauty of the described clip is added by the rhythmic performance of the dance and all the techniques, movements that the music implies, its rhythm and the playing of instruments. So the work is better remembered and debugged in the minds of the fans.

It is remembered by the fact that despite its simplicity and ease of execution and accordingly arranged, the composition is quite incendiary and energetic. The video uses a dance of the same name with a simple and relatively easy choreography. As a result, people of different ages and dance training can master it in a short time. After all, all movements, techniques and their correspondence to certain melodies are easy to combine. And choose which movements fit the rhythm and style of the piece.

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