The meaning of the song «Evergreen» by Barbra Streisand

The meaning of the song «Evergreen» by Barbra Streisand songs

Love is perhaps the most pleasant feeling that a person can experience. Warming us with its warmth, as if covering it with a soft blanket, or even burning it, it evokes only positive emotions in us. The song “Evergreen song” tells about love and the feelings of a person who has been touched by love.

History of creation

The song “Evergreen song” was written and performed by Barbara Streisand in a modern version. She was planned for the film “Star is born”, “A Star is Born”, released in the 70s. The film itself was the second remake of the film with the same name, but which was released earlier, in 1937. The ’37 film was a musical romantic drama, quite successful at the box office.

The plot of the film is that the popular actor in the past, Norman, misses his former glory and does not find a place for himself. His popularity is falling, new roles do not bring him his former professional satisfaction. As a result, he starts drinking. In one of the restaurants, he meets the waitress Esther. She starts an affair with him.

Norman brings her to the set, and his boss, the director, sees her as a talented actress. As a result, Esther and Norman got married, she becomes a rising movie star, and her husband, Norman, is already completely retired and he is not given roles in films. So an old, fading star gives life to a new, young one. And no one regrets what happened.

Later, the picture served as the basis for a musical with the same name. However, musical culture has changed over time. And in 1976, moviegoers had different tastes. The idea itself, the script, as well as the way it was implemented, continued to be interesting in the eyes of filmmakers. It touched on many topics: a new life, the triumph of all that is good in this world, the theme of the American dream, in which one can find oneself and realize oneself, the theme of punishing arrogance, and many others. Therefore, it was decided to shoot the film with a different soundtrack, more modern, which would be popular among modern Americans.

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The song was written to the verses of an old song from the musical, with minor changes. Barbara Streisand, the performer, wrote the melody for it herself. She was also the lead actress. Despite the fact that the 1976 film is positioned as a rock musical, which was fashionable in those years, the song “Evergreen song” sounds very melodic, unlike pop music of that time.

A little later, already in the 2000s, the film again underwent a remake. This time this role was played by the singer Lady Gaga. But both the content of the songs and their performance were already very different from the original. It is not worth comparing them, in the film itself the main idea is already somewhat different. The song performed by Barbara Streisand is very similar to many other films from the movies made later and is the subject of imitation and inspiration for many authors.

The meaning of the song

The song tells us about feelings that nothing can affect: neither time, nor any hardships or obstacles. The song itself is quite simple, with no hidden meaning, is a simple expression of the strong feelings of the character played by the main character of the film, a girl who begins to develop a feeling of love for an actor with whom she has not much in common. Even despite some of his oddities, which he sometimes allows himself.

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The very idea of ​​the song is fully revealed in its title, which means “Evergreen” or “Evergreen Song”. Here the very meaning is shown, that love allows you to bloom forever and never fade. To transfer the power of life further, from one person to another, and transferring green freshness and beauty to both loving people.

Interpretation of the lyrics of the song (parsing the meaning of the lines)

Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning air
One love that is shared by two
I have found with you

It tells of a beautiful love that is compared to an easy chair, fresh morning air and that she found her, alone for two, with her chosen one.

Like a rose under the April snow
I was always certain love would grow
Love ageless and evergreen
Seldom seen by two

She says she believes in the growth of love, as a rose believes under the April snow. Love is ageless, evergreen, and rarely opens up to both at the same time.

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You and I will make each night a first
Every day a beginning
Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed
They warm and excite us

You and I will make every night a first and every day a start. Spirits dance in a free dance, they warm and excite us.

‘Cause we have the brightest love

Two lights that shine as one
Morning glory and midnight sun
Time we’ve learned to sail above
Time won’t change the meaning of one love
Ageless and ever evergreen

Because we have the brightest love, two fires shine as one, morning rays and the midnight sun, at a time when we learned to soar high, time cannot change the meaning of love, ageless and always evergreen.


The song is filled with the breath of love and high feelings of one person to another. Most likely, there are still notes in the original that two people who decided to connect their lives with each other have a certain age difference – for example, in the very first film it was clearly visible. However, in the later version, the difference is no longer so striking. Nevertheless, the feelings of two people were sincere, and love helped them find each other and make their life better, find themselves in it.

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