The meaning of the song «Feliz Navidad» by Jose Feliciano

The meaning of the song «Feliz Navidad» by Jose Feliciano songs

The song “Feliz Navidad” is performed by Jose Feliciano, a Puerto Rican musician, virtuoso guitarist, composer, singer, born September 10, 1945, now aged 77, living in the territory of Lares in Puerto Rico. The producer was Rick Jarrard and the label was used by RCA. The work became relevant after the public familiarization of the listeners with the text.

History of creation

The famous song “Merry Christmas” is always relevant on Christmas holidays, on New Year’s Eve, it creates a festive atmosphere, makes a person’s position in society stronger. The work was written in 1970, the author is the Puerto Rican singer Jose Feliciano. There was a chic classic musical symbolic creation, tied to the Catholic Christmas, New Year in the United States, in the heyday of music performed in various genres. Used in Latin America, it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

A peculiar hymn and rhythm arises to celebrate the celebration. Performed by an ordinary Spanish choir to honor the traditions of Christmas Day and the festive week. The New Year mood is always welcome, and the text contains congratulations. Magic speech is audible to everyone. It ends up in the house of listeners – connoisseurs of the work of Jose Feliciano. Congratulatory phrases are repeated several times, the fact of relation to Christmas is noted. For a successful celebration, you need to prepare in time and implement your own methodology, repeat the words “Good luck, happiness”, which contribute to a better perception of the days and the situation.

New Year’s happiness and goodness will knock on the house, you need to open the door and become more caring and joyful. In order to painlessly inhale fresh air, to become an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, you need to touch the melody with a happy ending. It sings about the holidays, it says “Merry Christmas”. People believe in congratulations, they become more sensitive and pleasant for conversations, stories.

The meaning of the song “Feliz Navidad”

The New Year’s door to the fairy tale opens. Miracles walk along the path of success, they fleetingly penetrate the soul, warm the heart with warmth. A person is happy to meet the future and the present in the form of the New Year. In his heart, he keeps and harbors hope and affection for loved ones. The couplets are replaced by similar lines, dazzling like bright lanterns in a round dance. English speech pleasantly captivates from the first note, wraps you in warmth and a blanket of night, warms you royally and makes you feel love.

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Latin pop music is played with a pleasant motive for Christmas. The verse “From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you a Merry Christmas” is sung – this is a classic form of a Christmas pop song. A well-known popular recording from 1970 sounds with Feliciano, drummer Paulinho Magalhaes. The horns are added as a finishing touch and a production idea from Rick Jarrard.

The song “Feliz Navidad” is played on acoustic guitar by a Puerto Rican Cuatro. This is the famous and most broadcast Christmas tune in the USA, Canada. Nielsen SoundScan data as of November 25, 2016 shows the total sales of the digital track. It amounted to 808,000 downloads, making it the eighth piece in the list of holiday-type digital Christmas singles sold.

ASCAP received worldwide recognition as one of the twenty-five popular Christmas songs. This is the original version by José Feliciano, which charted on the US Billboard Hot 100 two decades after the first recording, reaching seventy. The event took place on January 10, 1998. The song was also able to return to the US Billboard Hot 100 on January 7, 2017, reaching number forty-four.

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In 2018, the song hit the charts again, marking Feliciano’s first hit. In 2017, the author released a song in collaboration with musician Jools Holland. At Christmas, all dreams come true, and the song “Feliz Navidad” is gaining popularity every year. Artist Jose Feliciano creates and enjoys life.

On the motives of “Feliz Navidad” there was a recording of the Finnish symphonic metal from the performer Tarja Turunen. The event is timed to 2017. I remember the Christmas album “From Spirits and Ghosts”, which allowed the release of a video clip in December 2017. The single appeared on December 8 with the participation of Turunen’s friends, which include musicians Monroe, Pesh, Kakko, Ride. The version was made as a charity single, and the profit motive was for the victims of Hurricane Irma, which hit the Caribbean island of Barbuda.

The groovy melody sounds like bird singing and the clear voice of the author who has conquered the top of the world palm tree. With motives, one feels the scope of thought and freedom of speech. Feliciano tries to surprise his fans, even years later, the sound of crystal glasses can be heard, allowing you to intrigue and fascinate people.

A cultural presentation of thoughts will allow you to feel the scope of fantasy and the magic of a winter night, passers-by are walking on thin ice and feel the approach of the New Year. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable, they lead to a new day and life, starting from a clean slate on the first of January. In the form of an excellent musical platform, the song “Feliz Navidad” opens, personifying the celebration. People clink glasses again at Christmas, which follows New Year’s Eve. Only a joyful motive and a feeling of love reigns everywhere. A kind and pure melody lurks behind the door.

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It is necessary to say “no” to various troubles and fake texts. The heart will be conquered by the new musical world, the dream will come true, and the doors will open to a new space, they will give life. The magical world will become an accessible field of activity, long-awaited gifts will appear, and moments of recognition and glory will arise. A person is endowed with a sense of understanding, which is fully manifested on New Year’s Eve, when a blizzard is knocking outside the window, and a festive mood helps to touch the main thing. The main idea will be conveyed to everyone.

To see Santa Claus, walk along the snow-covered streets, breathe in the air of space with a solemn cycle of congratulations. The song text in the form of pleasant repetitions of traditional Christmas and New Year words helps to understand the inherent meaning and realize cherished desires. Spanish execution gives perfection. The successful song “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano gives success. The world is filled with truth, like bubbles in New Year’s wine in a beautiful glass, drunk for good luck.

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