The meaning of the song «Flowers» by Miley Cyrus

The meaning of the song «Flowers» by Miley Cyrus songs

Many teenagers looked at child actors on blue screens and wanted to be like them. Popularity, money, travel, touring, fans all saw it as the chic life that millions of teenagers wanted looking at their idols, but is it really that great? Talented children began to play in the series, which gained popularity. After that, they recorded an album, went on tour and filmed new seasons.

One such famous child was Miley Cyrus, who rose to fame after starring in the teen series Hannah Montana. Many years have passed since then, but it has not lost its popularity. She became a singer and releases various songs. One of the recent songs was the composition “Flowers” (Flowers), one of the songs of the new album, for which a video was shot. It quickly became viral and was called the anthem of strong women because of the semantic lyrics.

History of the song

To fully understand the history of this song, you need to remember the past. Miley and Liam met back in 2008 while filming The Last Song, but they officially confirmed their relationship only in 2010 when they walked the red carpet together during the film’s premiere. It was from this time that their relationship began. Hemsworth proposed to his beloved after a year of relationship and even presented a ring, but the matter never went further than the registry office, and in 2013 they generally said about the break in relations! After Liam, the girl had other boyfriends, but all relationships did not last long.

In 2016, the two stars announced a reunion again. It was the month of January, in October the singer said about the engagement. The wedding was played in secret in 2018 in Malibu for friends and relatives. It seems that this is a happy ending like in romantic films, but alas, the reality is different. After half a year of relationship, the couple began to swear. Fans began to suspect that Liam was shy about his wife. Miley Cyrus used to star in the Disney series Hannah Montana, and in order to “break” this image, she began to wear revealing outfits, always amazed with her behavior and words, with all this she wanted to get rid of her role in the popular teenage series and she succeeded. The singer dressed as she wanted, did and said whatever she wanted, and that was what worried Liam.

Fans noticed how he made remarks to his wife at events, stepped aside if she did what he did not like. Such relationships did not last long and already in 2019 they divorced, parted and did not communicate anymore. Reporters interviewed them but could not understand the reasons for the breakup, the former lovers each spoke their own version, there were words about drug addictions, drunkenness, betrayal. Even now, the real reasons for the divorce are unknown.

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The fans heard the lines of the new song and realized that the singer dedicated the new composition to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, with whom she had a relationship for a long time, but they ended. Here are the lines about the former:

We were good, we were goldKinda dream that can’t be soldWe were right ’til we weren’tBuilt a home and watched it burn

The singer herself did not name names, but by the small details of the words in the text, you can easily recognize the relationship between Miley and Liam. In the video, the singer was in a suit that the former lover put on on the red carpet and it was then that he made comments to her about her behavior. Also, the words from the song about the burning house are a metaphor for their shared burned-out house in which they lived after marriage, but by coincidence, the house burned down in 2018, and, most importantly, the release date of the song is January 13, which is the day Liam was born. . The clip has collected a huge number of views and comments in support of Miley and her courage. The clip begins with a view of the city, Miley walks along the pavement in a gold designer outfit and sings about past relationships, that she did not want to leave her lover and had a hard time breaking up, but then she realized that she and one were not so bad.

After that, the singer swims in the pool and enjoys life because she let go of everything. She takes a shower, puts on her ex’s men’s suit, and goes to their old house dancing there and singing about letting go of the past. The lyrics of the song and the video are interconnected and have a deep meaning. So, Miley wanted to convey to all the girls that you don’t need to suffer for the former, but move on and happiness is not always a relationship with a man. The main thing is to love yourself, pamper and respect.

The meaning of the song

Miley Cyrus’ song Flowers is about a relationship in which the man breaks off the relationship and leaves. The singer herself suffered from this break for a long time and now, having released the song, she told the fans that she did not want to break off relations with her husband, but after breaking up she realized that she was much better without him. The singer in this song breaks patterns about relationships, that for happiness you must have a soul mate, the main thing is the happiness of a woman and self-respect.

I can buy myself flowersWrite my name in the sandTalk to myself for hoursSay things you don’t understandI can take myself dancingAnd I can hold my own handYeah, I can love me better than you can

These lines from the song perfectly describe Miley’s morale. Not for nothing, this song is considered the anthem of free women. The girl herself can please herself with flowers, live alone in the house, be in silence, go to dances, to a cafe, a restaurant, and anywhere. And the most important thing that sounded in this song is that no one will love you the way you love yourself! Taking care of yourself and your body will get rid of people who morally humiliate you and reproach you for who you are. It’s all there in Miley’s song.

Paint my nails, cherry redMatch the roses that you leftNo remorse, no regretI forgive every word you said

These lines confirm that women tend to blame themselves and regret after breaking up with a guy, and this is what lowers self-esteem. It is better to stop remembering the past and live in the present!

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Singer Miley Cyrus released many hits that were very popular after the release, the song “Flowers” was no exception. The singers take the lyrics of songs that go viral from their lives, about the pain and hardships they have experienced, and this shows that the stars are just as ordinary people as everyone else. They, too, can be insecure, suffer mentally, while constantly in front of the public and the press, going through parting and want to find a soul mate. The text of this song reminds all women and girls that we have the right to care, love, acceptance, forgiveness and, first of all, from ourselves.

The track Miley Cyrus Flowers has become the anthem of the strong and independent

Single singer Miley Cyrus Flowers has become the anthem of the strong and independent on the Web. The song is likely about the star’s failed relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth. The life-affirming chorus has become an affirmation for those who want to recover from a difficult breakup.

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Singer Miley Cyrus has released a video for the single Flowers, which will be included in the artist’s upcoming album Endless Summer Vacation. In the track, Cyrus tells a sad story about a broken relationship.

The chorus of Flowers turned out to be life-affirming. In it, Miley Cyrus sings that she doesn’t need a boyfriend to be happy – a girl can buy herself flowers or start dancing.

Although Miley Cyrus does not name names in the track, many listeners are sure that it is dedicated to a failed relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth. The stars began to meet in 2009 and for almost ten years they parted, then converged again. Miley and Liam got married in 2018, but divorced a few months later.

Netizens noticed that the singer released the video on January 13 on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, in the lyrics of the song in the line “We built a house and watched it burn”, perhaps not only a metaphor for a broken relationship is hidden, but also a reference to a real fire on villa of stars in Malibu. Fans also noticed that Flowers’ chorus is a response to Bruno Mars’ track When I Was Your Man. There were unconfirmed rumors on the Web that Liam Hemsworth allegedly “dedicated” this track to Miley in 2013, when the couple broke off their engagement for the first time, according to Billboard.

How a Miley Cyrus track became an anthem for the strong and independent 

After the release of the video, the song Flowers quickly took over the social networks. While Miley Cyrus sings about broken relationships, the uplifting chorus is trending. In the video, guys and girls dynamically dance to the track and refuse to be sad because of parting.

In viral videos, Internet users are reminding themselves and viewers to take care of themselves and their own happiness, and not waste time suffering. They joke on social media that Miley Cyrus’s Flowers have replaced years of psychotherapy with them.

The trend also captured those netizens who were not in difficult or toxic relationships. In the video, they promise to arrange their lives so that their well-being does not depend on others.

It seems that the song Flowers has become the anthem of the strong and independent on the Web. In the comments below the video, listeners talk about how it’s okay to be single and that you need to get out of a toxic relationship.

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