The meaning of the song «Fly Away» by Lenny Kravitz

The meaning of the song «Fly Away» by Lenny Kravitz songs

This song was called “a psychedelic revelation” and “a prayer of an incorrigible romantic – an escapist”, and the world’s leading airlines and car factories used it to advertise their own products, allowing you to fly away wherever your eyes look, forgetting about everyday worries that attract to the earth, the force of gravity and other annoying ” little things in life.” The Muses themselves would go to the round dance to its sounds, forgetting about the harmonic melody of Apollo’s flute and falling in love with rock music now and forever.

It is not for nothing that this hit by Lenny Kravitz, written for his fifth studio album in 1998, topped the charts of the entire English-speaking world, subsequently conquering Europe, Russia, Japan, which has fully adopted the Western lifestyle, and even Communist China, which is resistant to bourgeois trends. Borders are nothing for a melody, one has only to let it go free and let inspiration fly.

“On this day, I arrived at the studio early, as if I had a premonition of what kind of discovery awaits me, although I was doing my usual routine work. I was just trying out how the new amp sounded, playing different chords, until I said to myself: “This is just crazy!” – the musician recalls, finally deciding to shed light on the history of the creation of “Fly Away”. – And then I said to the engineer: “Hey, buddy, quickly connect the microphone and get to work before inspiration flies away from me! If this song takes the prize, you and I will split the profit in half, if not, we will say that we did everything we could for its success.

The album that Kravitz was working on was almost ready, but the musician’s friends insisted on including a new hit on it, adding: “Your popularity will take off like wings.” They were absolutely right – already in 1999 “Fly Away” won the Grammy Award for the best male rock hit. Since then, her fame has only grown: the largest automakers “fought” for the right to perform it in their commercials, agreeing to pay any money, and airlines behaved in the same way. Amateur and professional videos on the plot of “Fly Away” flooded the Internet, awakening creative imagination and a thirst for distant wanderings. And music lovers all over the world listened to this song again and again, feeling wings growing behind their backs, and taking their breath away, as if in anticipation of a swift flight.

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Among the admirers of this hit are paraglider pilots, pilots and even aircraft designers, who know what the joy of implementing a creative idea and ecstasy, embracing even an experienced aviator during a flight, is. “If Icarus, who had just fallen from the sky, heard it, he would repeat his attempt to create wings from wax feathers to fly into the sky again, again and again,” say Fly Away fans who listened to this song and repeated its words thousands of times .

They are joined by lovers, who believe that the song Fly Away sounding in headphones is the most suitable accompaniment for a romantic trip and even for a short Sunday trip together, turning even a battered and repaired car into a magical chariot harnessed by winged horses sparkling like the Sun. And even if you are traveling on foot, it seems to you that the wings of Mercury have grown on your feet, calling onward and onward, even when the Sun sets below the horizon, and a shadow begins to thicken over the Earth. This is what the magic power of art, glorified in songs, is!

“I would like to become impetuous and weightless, like a dragonfly,” the hero of the song dreams, following the flight of an air wanderer, soaring into the heavenly heights on her transparent rainbow wings. “I would like to go on this flight with you, only with you, calling on the power of dreams.” For a flight that inspires love, neither a take-off site, nor an aviator’s diploma, nor gasoline is needed, only a feeling that inspires the most ponderous, clumsy and timid, especially if it is mutual.

There are no barriers for lovers, they are not afraid to cross borders and are not afraid to suffocate, even if they direct the flight into the stratosphere, where only clouds that are weightless as breath and white as dandelion fluffs soar. Just let out a happy sigh and you will take off. You and your girlfriend can land on the nearest lawn among daisies and strawberries, you can reach the sparkling peaks of Everest or Kilimanjaro, dive into the Niagara Falls and rise again above its iridescent jets.

Or you can go straight to Mars, where there are still traces of Neil Armstrong and his brave comrades, or fly to the Moon, where no astronaut has ever been, and admire the earth’s seas and forests from there. And if you fly to the Sun, you will flare up like sparks and become one forever. If you direct the flight to the stars of the Milky Way, you will return home after thousands or even millions of years. But what is time for a lover who vows to spend eternity with his love?

Taking off in dreams over our old Earth, you will feel that you have found paradise, even if it is paradise in a hut. But sooner or later you have to return to real life, because even lovers cannot feed on dreams. But the ability to compose world-famous hits that do not need translation will feed its creator years and years later, while lovers and romantics remain on Earth.

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