The meaning of the song «Gasolina» by Daddy Yankee

The meaning of the song «Gasolina» by Daddy Yankee songs

Daddy Yankee is a reggaeton performer, he is considered the greatest exponent of this genre. The song “Gasolina” brought him worldwide fame. Although this single became a musical hit in the early 2000s, many of the artist’s followers to this day do not know what it is about. If you are one of them, we will reveal a secret based on the statements of the lyricist himself.

How the song was born

In 2003, a chef and dishwasher at a Harvard University restaurant were working to improve themselves as producers, with the help of DJ Nelson. Later these guys would be called LunyTunes and they would manage to produce the song “Gasolina” which would eventually make them famous.

Daddy Yankee was just thinking about working with them on his new album called “Barrio Fino” (2004). So LunyTunes and Daddy Yankee came to an agreement on cooperation.

Eddie Dee and Daddy Yankee were inspired to write this song by the lifestyle of women who love to drive cars. This is how the phrase “she loves gasoline” is born.

The meaning of the song: different interpretations

Recall also the description from Rolling Stone magazine, which says that “Gasolina” originated when Daddy Yankee heard a man on the street shouting to a woman: “Hey, mia, how do you like gas! ” “, in clear allusion.

In 2017, when Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (real name of the author) was going on a tour of Europe, he explained the meaning of the word “Gasolina” to the Spanish publication Efe. He admitted that he knows that many fans attach various meanings to this word and the theme of the song in general. However, none of them is true. ” When I say ‘she likes gas’ I mean that she likes to have a good time, that she is a rebellious girl who lives by her own rules .” Daddy Yankee said.

The Gasolina theme is actually quite layered and can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the context. On the one hand, as the author said, it may just be a song about how a girl likes to have fun and live brightly.

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However, there are other possible interpretations from fans. The song contains a lot of obscene expressions and slang words. Therefore, some listeners may see in the lyrics of the song sexual overtones or propaganda of spending money on pleasure. Another possible meaning of the song could be related to Mexican culture, since “gasolina” is the Spanish word for gasoline. But Mexico is the largest producer of this product in Latin America!

In general, the lyrics of “Gasolina” can mean different things to different people. This is what happens with any real work of art – everyone can find something of their own. Suffice it to recall one only “Black Square” by Malevich!

Until now, the author is reproached for the song “Gasolina”, which is regarded by many critics and journalists as an example of an extremely vulgar and materialized image of a woman.

But the author assures: “ I am not a sexist at all. On the contrary, I have a healthy marriage .” In his opinion, women and men are equal, and without this understanding, the balance in relationships would be unattainable.

The creators of this song never thought that the whole world could really hear it. Perhaps this is precisely its “zest” – the authors did not try to write the text to please the public.

The plot of the song is not linear, but rather is completely devoted to dancing and parties. The chorus of the song contains lines in Spanish. Phrases that deal with gasoline may refer to the energy and rhythm of the dance. The main idea of ​​the composition is that the rhythm and energy of the dance, under which the song was created, is also perceived as fuel. The text contains several references to Puerto Rican culture, including Latin reggaeton dance and the San Juan carnival.

Translation of Gasolina and analysis of the meaning by phrases:

First, the author sings about himself:

Yeah! Remix (x3) – Yeah! remix,

Who’s this? – Who do we have here?

What’s his name? — What is his name?

Daddy Yankee – (Author’s name)

Boricua cubano (3x) – Hot Cuban (he really comes from there ).

Obviously, he knows how girls get turned on, and the dance is just an excuse:

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Subele mambo pa que mi gata prenda lo motores – Add mambo so that my kitty starts (There are two allegories here at once – a comparison of a girl in a cat and a human heart – with a car engine) ,

Que se prepararen que lo que viene es pa que le den – Let them prepare for what will be.

 Now he turns to the girl whom the hero of the song spotted on the dance floor:

Mamita yo se que tu no te me va a quitar – Baby, I know you won’t leave me,

Lo que me gusta es que tu te dejas llevar – I like that you like to party (he knows how she likes to have fun, and he likes it).

 He talks about her mischievous nature:

Todos los viernes ella sale a vacilar – On Fridays she goes to the party,

Mi gata no para de janguear porque – And does not stop breaking away, because …

A ella le gusta la gasolina – She loves gasoline (of course, this is not about fuel, but about music and dancing)

 She confirms that he is right, she really needs “gasoline”:

Dame mas gasolina! Give me more gas! (“More music,” the girl asks)

Again, a description of the character, an allegory is given of a girl who “starts up” from dance and reggaeton music, like a car starts up from fuel:

A ella encanta la gasolina – She enjoys gasoline (Read – she loves music and dancing)

A ella le gusta la gasolina – She loves gasoline

Ella prende la turvina, No discriminate, No se pierde ni un party de marquesina – She rules, At all parties, without busting,

Se acicala va pa la esquina – Elegant, walking through the streets,

Luce tambien que hasta la sombra le combina – So good that even her shadow suits her (hyperbole is used here – an artistic exaggeration. The girl is so beautiful that everything suits her, even her own shadow),

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Asesina, me domina – Torments and subdues me (Love is such a strange feeling that brings both suffering and pleasure at the same time, isn’t it?)

Janguea en carro, motora, y limosina – She is in cars, motorcycles and limousines,

Llena su tanque de adrenalina, Cuando escucha reggaeton en la bocina – Her tank fills with adrenaline when reggaeton sounds (Of course, by “tank” the author means “body”).

He offers her his “gasoline” – his music:

A ella le gusta la gasolina. Mami yo tengo la gasolina – She loves gasoline, baby, I have gasoline

Dale pa’ bajo y ahora pa’ arriba

Tu no pegas tarro, no me digas – You will not change, do not deceive,

Mentirosa, tu sabes mas que nadie que tu eres loca – Liar, you know better than anyone that you are crazy,

Ahora baila y quitate la ropa – Now dance and take off your clothes,

De Puerto Rico a Cuba, Cuba hasta la Yuma, todas las mujeres – From Puerto Rico to Yuma, all the girls,

Don’t stop get it get it – Don’t stop, do it ( dance ),

Sucia, yo tengo esa gasolina que te gusta – I have the kind of gasoline that you love.

Olvidate de tu marido y disfruta – Forget about your husband, enjoy

Deja la intriga, baila amiga – Leave intrigues, dance,

Tu yo y ella, tremenda pareja – You, me and she (music) are a great team,

Deja los juegos pa’ los ninos de la escuela – Quit the games, they are for schoolchildren.

Now it becomes obvious that this song does not at all encourage women to cheat on their husbands. The author proposes to satisfy sexual desire through dancing. In general, the plot of the song “Gasolina” can be described as a call to incendiary and energetic dance, which is accompanied by incendiary music and rhythms. First, the performer describes a girl who “loves gasoline”, and then turns to her to offer “his gasoline”.

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