The meaning of the song «Gilded Lily» by Cults

The meaning of the song «Gilded Lily» by Cults songs

The Cults are an American band of musicians that formed in 2010. Then it was led by guitarist 25-year-old Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Follin.
“Go Outside” became their debut album in 2011, which is also the title of one of their first songs. The album received a lot of criticism, was discussed, like many songs of the New York indie pop group in the future.
Their next album was heard only in 2013.

The history of the creation of the song.

The track Gilded Lily is the most popular of the entire album. In addition to this song, the album Offering, released in 2017, has 10 other brainchildren of this group. Some of the most popular, after Gilded Lily, are the tracks Clear from Far Away, I Took Your Picture and Offering. Many songs of this group are permeated with deep emotions, and more often these are not emotions that will be easily “read” by listeners, in each song there is a contradiction to itself, there is love and anger at the same time, self-destruction and a wonderful state of comfort.
The release date was October 6, 2017. The history of creation is really mysterious. Since 2013, there has been a lull in the group, fans have been waiting for a new album for 4 years.

Brian Oblivion in an interview about the creation of the album says that in our time many people feel unheard, that no matter how many people are around, you can feel lonely and helpless. And Madeline Follin, an excellent performer with a strong vocal, noted that, first of all, you need to appreciate the people who were there in difficult times, who, in spite of everything, did not leave.

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The song charted in the UK, the United States of America, and New Zealand. Thousands and thousands of people are subdued by the pain conveyed in the song.

Meaning of Gilded Lily – Cults

“Didn’t I give enough?” You need to listen to this song, absorb every emotion, every word. People walk out of your life to get rid of the pain, knowing that you were and will be part of each other’s lives forever. But relationships do not always save a person from loneliness, on the contrary – sometimes they sometimes cause it, if there is neither real intimacy, nor a desire to share their feelings with a loved one. Sometimes you just need to face the truth and admit to yourself first that there are relationships, but love, intimacy, and the feeling that you are valuable – they have long been gone.

Always the fool with the slowest heart, But I know you’ll take me with you, We’ll live in spaces between walls between walls). Everyone will understand each line of the track in their own way, but loneliness “leaks” in each line, if not quite a cry of impotence from the fact that a loved one does not hear you.

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According to the singer of the song, the main feelings that fill this song are anger and relief. She talks about how “Monolithic”, the track that has become equally popular, is the only one that is really about love.

Sensuality, the ability of the song to touch the strings of the soul of many, many people made Gilded Lily’s song the most popular in the 2017 album. Many people hear in this track a story about their life, they recognize the situations in which they themselves were. “This song is both pain and therapy, it makes me both sad and happy”

Interpretation of the lyrics of the song.

Many interpret this song as an ode to love, although, having tried to understand deeper, in the text, in the music there is pain from loneliness, and in fact the benefits of loneliness are realized only by those who purposefully choose this state.

“Now it’s been long enough to talk about it”? What’s the point? Enough time? They are trying to convey to us that some events are ahead of us, and when we are really ready to realize what happened, to discuss and analyze it, it happens that there is no longer any sense in this.

“But I know you’ll take me with you” (But I know you’ll take me with you)… The hope that love is still near, love will not leave, still lives in a person’s heart.
Turn off all alarms and lie to me, Go and stretch ’em high arms (Turn off all alarms and lie to me, go and stretch out your hands to them), although you already realize that the person is closing, blocking communication with you, there is no care and compassion.

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There is undoubtedly love in the song, but the speaker is trying to hide, to get away from this loneliness in relationships into himself, as evidenced by the line “we will live in the space between the walls”, the unwillingness to adequately speak on issues important to two people creates barriers between loved ones. And it seems that you do so much or even everything for these relationships / people, but … is it enough? ..

This song deserves to be heard by as many people as possible, because many people hear a story about themselves in the song, they recognize the situations in which they themselves were. The main thing is not to be afraid to be yourself and boldly say what you think.

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