The meaning of the song «Gravity» by Sara Bareilles

The meaning of the song «Gravity» by Sara Bareilles songs

The soul of a woman deeply in love, who for the first time felt weak and fragile, is a continuous tangle of contradictions. Then she dreams of her lost independence and perceives love as an unfortunate force of attraction that does not allow her to go on a free flight. “It seems to me that I have a silver chain on my feet, strong and heavy, like steel shackles,” the born feminist thinks at such moments.

Then she blesses this craving, thanks to which, as the poet said, “the Sun and the luminaries move” and life on Earth acquires meaning. And it is no coincidence that based on the song written in 2007 by the American singer and pianist Sarah Barrelis Gravity (translated into Russian – “Earth Gravity”), a video was shot in which Sarah is walking down the street like a comet, and the “tail” of fans is moving behind her carrying globes of distant planets, balloons and lit torches, as if to say: “Yes, love is a mighty force, it is the whole Universe in the eyes of a loved one, it’s just space!”

Let this revelation be repeated thousands of times, but even in the twenty-first century from the birth of Christ, it is still new and true, as if at the creation of the world. Probably, both the seer Einstein and the stubborn Galileo knew about this, in whose lives, as biographers say, there was also a place for tender feelings and sentimental sighs, although then they again forgot about their friends and children and fixed their eyes on inaccessible heaven. And in ordinary life millions of tragedies are connected with love, forcing to curse and again bless its sweet power.

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Sarah herself said that this song was written on the basis of personal experiences and that working on it helped her understand her feelings and heal the pain of a broken heart. “I hope it will help other girls who feel the same way I felt today,” she says, without revealing her main secret – who was the unknown who inspired her to write “Gravity”. This song is called the most powerful lyrical ballad of the 21st century, powerful as the call of the wind and deep as the night. It is used as a musical accompaniment to commercials depicting the power of predestination and the power of romantic love.

And the creators of the television series “Paradigms of Human Memory” gave this hit a comedic sound, showing that its sounds strike to death no worse than Cupid’s arrow, awakening love in the most unsuitable for romantic stories characters, the sight of which causes laughter or shock, but not a dream of love. This song is performed both a capella and accompanied by musical instruments, giving it a special penetration, sensuality, strength and depth.

What is Sara singing about? About the most powerful of the forces of nature, ancient as the world itself, and yet eternally young, like new generations of lovers. It is like a force of attraction, and it also helps us to understand that those who love are not only earthly beings, but also kindred spirits, over which distances, borders and that very force of earthly attraction do not dominate. For a lover, it doesn’t cost anything to overcome thousands of kilometers and be transported in dreams to his subject, even if the “soulmate” is at the end of the world. The power of love is so powerful that it attracts to the beloved more reliably than a magnet and holds in place more reliably than locks, bars and fetters.

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“You are the only thing I need on earth, you are my life and more than life, you are my Sun and my Universe,” men and women in love repeat from time immemorial, even if they swore at one time never to fall in love and laughed at those defeated by love eccentrics. Now they too feel how strong love is, turning a free person into a captive bound by an invincible spell, a sighted man into a blind man, and even a wise man into a timid embarrassed schoolboy.

But love not only fetters hands and feet, sometimes forcing us to beg for mercy, but also gives unprecedented strength and courage, prompting us to discard fears and conventions and speak as if speeches are pouring from the depths of the heart. This transformation is felt most strongly by women who are already torn between the desire for home comfort and the desire to find themselves and discover their “I” without regard to centuries-old traditions that say: “Your place is at home, you are the center of the family and the keeper of the hearth.”

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“Let me go, give me freedom, I want to shine with my own light,” the rebels repeat one after another, even when they see that the beloved remains blind and deaf to their pleas, as if he really was an alien from Mars, and all women – inhabitants of Venus. But again and again, the rebels return to their beloved, repeating: “You looked at me, you touched me, and all my strength and audacity disappear, as if they were blown away by the wind. You live in everything that surrounds me, you hold me without even touching me, and I cannot live and breathe without you, returning to you again and again, as if I are the Moon, and you are my Earth, my center of the Universe ” .

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