The meaning of the song «Hey Sexy Lady» by Shaggy

The meaning of the song «Hey Sexy Lady» by Shaggy songs

The song “Hey Sexy Lady” from the album Shaggy Lucky Day was recorded in 2002 on A Geffen Records Release.

“Hey Sexy Lady” is a song recorded by Jamaican-American reggae artist Shaggy. It was released in November 2002 as the first single from his Lucky Day album. The song features Brian and Tony Gold and adds a beat to the Sexy Lady Explosion riddim. As of August 2014, it has sold 287,000 copies in France, making it the 110th best-selling single of the 21st century.

Initially, there are two versions of the song on the album. Album version and “Org. Sting Intl. Mix” featuring dancehall artist Sean Paul. A compilation of versions of the song is also included on a separate EP. One of them can be found on Yahoo! Starts with an instrumental.

Eastern Automotive Group founder and CEO Robert Bassam created a promotional video for his Eastern Motors dealership at DMV Plaza. Rezin Arrington, Brendan Haywood, Clinton Portis, Carmelo Anthony. The song was used in the 2006 film. She is male and also appears after the mirage scene in Kangaroo Jack.

The song is full of passion from beginning to end. The hero’s wild love for the girl is clearly visible. The heroine is described as very sexy, attractive. A young man appreciates absolutely everything in a girl: from her figure and style to sex with her. But in the first place they have a bed. The young man really wants a girl. He does not have a soul in her figure. The curves of his body are very beckoning, he says that they are out of control. Expression in words: you put me from the ceiling to the floor, only you can make me scream and ask for more. He has great feelings for her. The hero would not utter such words if he had come from cold in relation to the girl.

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It is not entirely clear whether he proves to himself or to the heroine that his size is not small, but large. Rather, it is self-affirmation, since there is no presence of the girl’s words that something does not suit her in this regard. Perhaps he completes about his size.

It was very noisy that night. The knock of the neighbors in their apartment was very loud, which means they were very happy. But the people who lived behind the wall thought they were arguing. Were in a state of euphoria all night, as the writer says.

Just one line between a lot of passion about the fact that he was the choice of his girlfriend’s father. It’s not entirely clear what this is for. Perhaps self-affirmation, as with size. He proves to himself that he is the best and worthy of this heroine. No wonder she does all this, it also means something to her. The whole text is like the thoughts of the hero, which he felt during one night.

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The guy is very glad that she did not resist. So she also has feelings for him. After a stormy night, she fell asleep, and he calmed down and began again to tell how good she was, adding many different epithets to all this.

The first verses contained a lot of sweet moments. The hero was not entirely sure that he was doing everything right, whether she was pleased with him. But in the end, he realized that everything was fine, you can relax. The words savagery and sexy appear.

It can be assumed that even in bed he was pinched, in the end he was very liberated.

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