The meaning of the song «Jiggle Jiggle» by Louis Theroux and Jason Derulo

The meaning of the song «Jiggle Jiggle» by Louis Theroux and Jason Derulo songs

“My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle” is a recent tiktok trend and meme that was created from amateur rapping by journalist Louis Theroux. This track was created back in 2000. The lyrics to “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle” are simple and superficial, but they’ve become popular on social media thanks to the memes and challenges associated with the Tiktok trend. In the song, Louis Theroux talks about his relationship with money and emphasizes that his money does not shake or fluctuate.

“My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle” is another example of how social media and the internet can turn a minor event or song into a viral trend that can become very popular with the masses.

History of creation

During his documentary work for the BBC in the 2000s, when the social platform TikTok was not yet known, Louis Theroux not only made films, but also tried his hand at the rap genre. In one of the episodes of his multi-part project “Strange Weekend”, he visited a radio station, where he performed on a par with African-American rappers. Despite the friendly atmosphere in the studio, this episode was forgotten for many years.

However, in 2022, Louis Theroux once again gained attention thanks to his participation in the “Chicken Shop Date” program with Amelia Dimoldenberg. During the interview, she asked the journalist about his rapping talents, and he happily performed the same rap as twenty years ago during the filming of his documentary series. By the way, this is not the first time Teru performs this rap, in 2018 he already read it on another radio station.

Thus, Louis Theroux is a man with many talents, including rapping! He did not forget his experience, and thanks to the tiktok trend “My money don’t jiggle jiggle” became popular again. This confirms that no talent should be forgotten, and everyone has the opportunity to become a star at any moment in life.

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On March 16, 2022, two talented musicians Duke and Jones decided to experiment and created a unique remix of an excerpt from an interview with Louis Theroux in which he rapped. In their own way, the guys added autotune and beats to the “random video” without hoping for a viral effect.

However, the remixed version on their channel became a real hit. In the first 2 months, 7.2 million people liked it, and the number of views has already exceeded tens of millions. This sound became a real trend on Tiktok in April, and since then there have been 3.6 million clips using this music.

The success of the track did not go unnoticed, and already on March 31, 2022, the host of the show in which Louis read his rap, Amelia Dimondelberg, joined many tiktokers and danced to the Duke and Jones remix. During this time, there were already many moves that were made popular by the lyrics, such as arm shaking, chest shaking, basketball dribbling, and driving a car.

In April 2022, the music track with the lyrics “wiggle, wiggle and fold” became a real sensation on the TikTok platform. It has inspired many users to create dance videos to its sound, and among them are both ordinary users and well-known TikTokers.

One of the first people to post a video dancing to this track was George Larkeybutors, who has earned over 2 million views and over 388,000 likes. The trend was also noticed by a TikToker named Jessqualter, who created a video with a friend that has over 23 million views and over 3.5 million likes.

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Apart from dance videos, TikTok users have started using this track to create videos with their pets. One such video, where a dog hobbles towards its owner, has earned over 4 million views and over 549,000 likes. Another video showing a hedgehog in a tub has over 25 million views and over 5.7 million likes.

It is also worth noting that due to the viral nature of the audio, the BBC decided to repost the original clip from October 2000 on their TikTok channel, which gained over 8 million views and over 1 million likes in two weeks. Overall, the track became a real hit on the TikTok platform and continued to gain popularity in the months following its release.

The meaning of the song

This song is a typical example of hip hop, where the artist talks about his life and success, as well as how he deals with criticism and harassment.

In the first stanza, the performer talks about how his money does not shake, but adds up, which can be seen as a symbol of his financial confidence and success. He also mentions that he enjoys seeing his fans rock to his music and it makes him want to keep rapping.

In the second stanza, he talks about how life can be cramped and difficult, but he always finds ways to relax and enjoy life. He also responds to critics by saying that he writes his rhymes in a castle and no one can strengthen his creativity.

In the chorus, he goes on to talk about how he enjoys seeing people rock to his music and it makes him feel powerful and powerful.

In general, the song says that the performer is confident in himself and his talents, and does not allow critics and persecutors to lower his self-esteem and motivation.

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Interpretation of the lyrics of the song (parsing the meaning of the lines)

This text is a song, and its meaning can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context and personal perception of each listener. However, we can offer the following analysis of the meaning of the lines:

The opening lines of the song describe that the performer must have something monumental and amazing that grabs the attention of the public. He then proceeds to describe his money savings, which are adding up rather than shaking. He also talks about how he enjoys seeing people sway to his music and that it makes him want to keep making and playing music.

Further, the song mentions a rhyme that the performer wrote in the castle, probably it was created during imprisonment. He also talks about how if someone tries to insult him, they will soon regret it and end up in jail for illegal actions. He criticizes the police and says that they cannot arrest him.

The last part of the song brings us back to the description of the artist’s money savings and how he likes to see people sway to his music. He also mentions his Fiat car and how he can comfortably drive it despite his height. He also knows how to relax while sipping red wine.

In general, the text of the song contains elements of self-promotion, descriptions of success and prosperity, as well as criticism of the system and the police. However, like any song, its interpretation depends on the perception of the listener and the context in which it sounds.

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