The meaning of the song «Jingle Bell Rock» by Bobby Helms

The meaning of the song «Jingle Bell Rock» by Bobby Helms songs

Singer Bobby Helms talentedly performed the musical work “Jingle Bell Rock” in 1957, when he was at the peak of his development in the creative field. People appreciated the creation, and further promotion was successful. The author tried, and he managed to become famous. career took off with the work “Jingle Bell Rock”.
Nostalgic motifs, a Christmas atmosphere are noticed, the author is completely immersed in the song plot of “Jingle Bell Rock”, brings joy to the masses, illuminates the days of the New Year with valuable grain. The performance of winter motifs is always beneficial, it carries a charge of positive spruce, natural energy, as well as the taste of cones, the aroma of unforgettable champagne and sparkling wines.

History of Jingle Bell Rock

At first, country singer Bobby Helms did not even want to record his longest-lived hit . But after the success of the song in the US, he regularly re-recorded the single (the last time in 1983). It is not surprising that, despite the huge number of cover versions, it is Helms’ version that remains the most popular and canonical.

“Jingle Bell Rock” is officially credited to Joe Beal and Jim Booth. However, Helms has always claimed that it was he, along with guitarist Cann Garland, who gave this worthless song its hit appeal (in particular, they added a new motive to make the melody not so monotonous). They write that Garland even filed a lawsuit against the label about this.

The word “Rock” in the title is not accidental. The song was released in 1957 – just at the peak of the popularity of rock and roll – and is considered the first Christmas composition recorded in this style. No wonder the line “Jingle around the clock” (“Ring around the clock”) is probably a hidden reference to Bill Haley’s composition “Rock Around the Clock” , with which the rock hype began. And quite openly, the song refers to James Pierpont ‘s great Christmas hit “Jingle Bell”. Here, too, sleigh rides are mentioned, and generally a cheerful festive mood reigns.

“Jingle Bell Rock” is still one of the most requested Christmas songs and has been re-recorded in a wide variety of styles.

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The fact of the fateful meeting foreshadows the text of the retirement “Jingle Bell Rock” Bobby Helms, which sounds in every home. Waiting for the holiday, including the motive. Talented Bobby Helms belonged to the performers of the country direction. The musical hit brought massive success. The re-recording of the song took place in the USA, the last time the procedure took place in 1983.

Despite the large number of cover versions, the best version is Helms’ performance, which is called canonical. Partially officially authorship is listed for Joe Beal, Jim Booth. According to Helms, guitarist Cann Garland created a beautiful backdrop. An interesting motif was completed, which ensured the rhythm of the melody, eliminating monotony.

The phrase “Jingle around the clock” has the translation “Ring around the clock”, which means that the rock hype has begun and will end after the holidays. You can hear about sleigh rides, the general cheerful festive mood. The recording was done by Bobby Helms. The song instantly reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100. The peak of popularity brought success.

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Occupation of a worthy place occurred in the chart and brought massive success. The successful “bells” standard is retained. The electric guitar is played by Hank Garland, allowing you to feel the notes of magic. The backing vocalists are the Anita Kerr Quartet. The original version was rewritten in 1965, in 1967.

The Meaning of “Jingle Bell Rock” – Bobby Helms

For children, festive events are created with decorated Christmas trees, masquerade performances. New Year is a holiday when the most cherished dreams come true, surprises are given.

Everyone is expecting a celebration, masks and elegant costumes that give the New Year’s style and appearance. The run of snowflakes, the cycle of congratulations and intricate transformations takes place on New Year’s Eve, when a fine morning opens the arms of a new snowy life. You need to plunge into the solemn atmosphere, feel the relief and nourishment with energy with your whole body and soul.

The holiday is expected, and the song is always performed at Christmas and other winter days to add magnificence and beauty to life’s moments. To better understand the motive, you need to touch the beautiful, become a part of the whole world, which is achievable in conjunction with other gifts of winter.

Bobby Helms was born on August 15, 1933 in Bloomington, Indiana. He lived until June 19, 1997 in Martinsville, when he was 63 years old. After his creative ideas and deeds, many works remained that became the standard of musical activity.

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The stunning track contains unforgettable emotions and the transformation of simple things into an extraordinary world of beauty and splendor of phenomena, melting and falling snow again. Snowflakes whirl amusingly in a round dance, lining up in orderly rows, dancing near people, settling on the surface of the earth, becoming a soft and fluffy carpet.

The song “Jingle Bell Rock” is suitable for New Year’s greetings and suggestion of a festive mood. Helps people to feel a cheerful spirit, freshness of winter days. Lyrical notes contain the atmosphere of a family celebration and the celebration of New Year’s Day.

Christmas holidays always pleasantly surprise and enchant. He covers the cherished chance with his head, allows you to plunge into the melody of Bobby Helms, who masterfully performs the words and observes the rhythm.

Every year people hear a musical phenomenon expressed in the expectation of a successful chain of events that gives hope. This immortal hit will be heard by many eras. The dawn of rockabilly, which is an early form of rock and roll, is a synthesis of rock and roll, country music. You can also feel the influence of swing, boogie-woogie.

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