The meaning of the song «Kill Bill» by SZA

The meaning of the song «Kill Bill» by SZA songs

The song “Kill Bill” is performed by American singer SZA, who is the winner, nominee of various music awards, as well as five Grammy nominations in 2018. All her work is inspiring and impressive. The singer tries to convey themes related to her inner world, the story of the characters. The discussed problems are close to her, she struggles with passions. A lot of work has been done on the project and the album.

Meaning of “Kill Bill”

According to the plot of the song, the heroine harbors a grudge against her former lover due to a break in relations. You need to survive the tragedy, become stronger than the circumstances. The girl must rise above the situation, she must consult a therapist. The story begins to take a dark turn, with an expression and a desire to kill the guy. The narrator commits a double murder, several times in a row he chooses “prison”, “hell” instead of “loneliness”.

SZA’s storytelling perspective described “no exception” as intended for “self-deceivers”, with lyrics that are “a mid-tempo cosmic R&B”. Listeners can be inspired by a melody inspired by a good mood, motives from different times, woven together.

For a charge of positive, you need to muster up the courage to perform and build a dizzying career. Introduced the best lyrics that let you feel the light breeze, breeze and night adventures. The hero expresses his opinion about the murder. The song has something to do with the TV series Kill Bill, and the storyline implies an impact. The film tells the story of a female killer who kills her ex-boyfriend.

The main motive is related to the emergence of the “revenge relationship” proposed in the film. “Kill Bill” is the second track on SZA’s second album “SOS”. Quentin Tarantin laid his motive. Singer SZA compares herself a bit to Bill from Kill Bill, shown between 2003 and 2004. The hero Bill gets to the wedding of a former lover named Beatrix Kiddo, he begins to arrange a terrible massacre, learning about staging his own death in order to escape from him. The “Kill Bill” ending tells about the presence of a motive of jealousy that drives actions.

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Here it is sung about revenge, feelings of reprisal due to the circumstances that have arisen. SZA dreams of the truth, which he searches for throughout the song. The course of the work implies the control of actions and the test of emotional maturity. SZA compares himself to Bill. After his answer to Beatrix, which consisted in refusing permission to live her own and interesting life, mistrust arose, which led to portions of conflicts.

It seems like SZA is doing a lyric about wanting to kill an ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend. Then it becomes clear that a parallel is drawn with the plot of the film “Kill Bill”, here there is a relationship and confirmation by facts. SZA doesn’t feel comfortable being alone. She needs someone to be around, to help and control processes, for example, a state of insecurity. You can not leave a person, you have to go through life with him.

Here, the significance of feelings is also sung, you need to recognize the important and not very important. The song “Kill Bill” says that the influence of negative energy is great, but you can’t fall into the power of the power of non-existence, do meaningless things, irresponsibly wait for miracles. You always need to take will and strength into your own hands, solve situations, control issues. Discomfort from loneliness may appear, but the singer chooses something else.

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Jealousy is to blame, the change of the phrase occurs in the last chorus, when the prison changes to hell, and a statement about death follows. The scale of the disaster is growing. Strange feelings of loneliness are frightening. It is almost like hell, only associated with the highest degree of suffering. Calls for help from a therapist. The girl is in despair, on the verge of collapse, the recovery process itself will help her.

The history of the appearance of the song “Kill Bill”

The name of the song was due to the dedication to martial arts. A fine performance of the film duology shows that paying attention to the killer is pointless, and the desire to take revenge on an ex-boyfriend, which consisted in murder, is disgusting. The singer portrays suffering and anger, and also uses the tools to bring the episodes to life. The song marked the highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the work was on the third line, which opened up access to new achievements.

It is the leading performer in the country. The song was number one on the Streaming Songs component chart, and number two was on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song’s beautiful debut symbolizes number five on the Billboard Global 200. Uses SZA themes of heartbreak, unsatisfied love and unfulfilled desires. Good vocal performance helps to better understand the essence of the transfer of facts. One can feel an emotional explosion, a frank impact of the singer’s temper. SZA mentioned releasing their second album in 2019 while interviewing DJ Kerwin Frost.

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Helpful comments were given, the creative process behind the album was encouraged, and SZA made a statement about having sincere, personal wishes. It’s been a decent show. The work took place in Hawaii, from April to May 2022, the singer worked. The album has been completed. The performance style is related to pop music, R&B. An electric bass is used, giving the song a medium tempo, a bright and groovy rhythm that beckons to listen to.

The detuned motive is combined with a fast melody. It is shown that the moment of parting is unpleasant, but one should not give up. You need to try to be calm, rational, give a competent answer. Therapeutic consultations will help restore comfort and happiness. The motives of the talented SZA sound tempting, but always the truth of the best lies and pain. The singer tries experiments related to communication and the right choice of actions. She succeeds.

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