The meaning of the song «Killing Me Softly With His Song» by Fugees

The meaning of the song «Killing Me Softly With His Song» by Fugees songs

“You killed me with your song.” Such words might be uttered by a musician who has lost his popularity to his happy rival, who daily listens to a chorus of praise from critics and fans. Or a person about whom mocking satirical verse is composed, hitting the target without a miss. A hater of deafening music, forced to listen to the “concerts” that break out in the neighbor’s apartment day in and day out, is also capable of making such a confession. But the double-authored song “Killing Me Softly With His Song” has a different meaning and a completely different story, confusing and complicated as life itself.

History of the song “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

It was written more than fifty years ago, in 1971, when most of today’s performers of the song had not even been born. The song was composed by American film composer Charles Fox and guitarist Laura Lieberman, the author and performer of her own songs. The inspiration for Laura was the composition of Don McLean, still unknown to the world, which, as the singer confessed, touched her heart and sounded in her ears like a persistent living voice for many days in a row. The attempt to share her impressions proved successful – in a few weeks Lieberman and Fox’s joint creation firmly took the first places in the charts of the USA, and soon crossed the ocean, where it became popular with European performers. Months and years later, the song continued to garner a crop of awards, including the most prestigious Grammy Award in the English-speaking world in several categories, from “Best Song of the Year” to “Best Female Vocalist”. But McLean was the happiest of all, saying the song moved him to tears and was the best praise he had ever heard.

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That didn’t stop the song’s co-writers from quarreling to death years later. As a result, Fox demanded that his name be removed from the albums, and claimed that stories about his admiration for McLean’s song were pure fiction, invented by Lieberman to tantalize an impressionable public. But it was too late – the legend of how the song was created has been retold many times by journalists and, as they say, has spread to the masses, touching more and more impressionable young and not-so-young hearts. Especially young girls who had to experience the same hopeless and sweet crush. Not for nothing the song “Killing Me Softly With His Song” is popular not only among the “seventies” nostalgic of their youth and continues to be played in clubs, bars, discos and school parties! And this many years after the names of its creators became a legend.

The meaning of the song “Killing Me Softly With His Song” and its interpretation

So this song is a monologue of a girl mesmerized by the singing of a young guy whom she sees and hears for the first time. Judging by her confession, she got to this concert completely by accident. Maybe she was invited by a girlfriend who was secretly in love with the musician and his enchanting voice, maybe she came to the club with her friends to have a good time. But she had no idea what strong nets her impressionable heart would fall into.

Everything struck the young musician – the manner of the singer, and his voice, which brings sweet dreams, but most importantly, the images of his songs. It seems to her that he overheard her innermost thoughts, unknown even to her secret diary and best friends, and skillfully opened her longing for love heart. Maybe he listened more than once to the confessions repeated by similarly romantic young girls, and remembered them unwittingly, in order to translate them into words and melody. Maybe these words were whispered to him by the Muse, amorous as a woman should be, and just as passionate and impressionable. Or maybe the spring inspired the singer. In short, he does not even know that he plays not only on the guitar obedient to his strong fingers, but also on the strings of pliable and flexible girl’s soul and as if he is killing his fan with his song.

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We do not know whether the girl will dare to write to her idol, maybe even try to meet him, or will only sigh secretly, remembering his face and voice. Or maybe her imagination will soon be occupied by another flesh-and-blood guy, and not the product of girlish dreams. One thing was clear: more than one young heart had experienced and would continue to experience such a crush.

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