The meaning of the song «Kyrie» by Mr. Mister

The meaning of the song «Kyrie» by Mr. Mister songs

Kyrie’s composition by the Los Angeles-based pop group Mister Mister appeared around Christmas 1985. The following year, she took 1st place on the Billboard Hot 100. She managed to stay in this position for two weeks. In the UK, by March 1986, 11th place was taken.

History of creation «Kyrie» by Mr. Mister

Lyrics were written by John Lang, co-writer of all other songs on Mr. Mr. The music was created by Richard Page and Steve George, which they dedicated time to throughout the tour. Kyrie, eleison is a prayer that means “Lord, have mercy” in translation. The same is essentially the whole text. There were no myths. According to legend, the singer R. Page composed “Kyrie” in the hospital after suffering an attack. But D. Lang said that the backstory is different. They attacked him three years before the creation of this composition. Moreover, the event has nothing to do with the text and melody.

Nick Morris directed the video, which mixed footage of the band performing with another footage. Namely, during the end of the autumn tour in 1985, the musicians took part in the concerts of Tina Turner. “Kairy” was performed in the second season of the television series Miami Vice. Featured in Episode 14 “One Way Ticket”. The single was used in the serial films “GLOW” and “Goldbergs”. The reviews noted the high musicality, the rapid promotion of the track.

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The meaning of the song «Kyrie» by Mr. Mister

So, Kyrie Eleison is not a woman who is an acquaintance of one of the musicians, but a Greek phrase meaning prayer. This is a call made in the Catholic and Orthodox churches during the service. The author of the text explained his inspiration with moments from childhood. He was born in Arizona, and when he grew up, he was in the church choir in Phoenix. Band member R. Page admitted that he meditated while writing the melody, getting a lot of energy. After all, the universe is very large compared to what he does.

The song contains a request to the Lord for help on the road. I want to go out into the light, a wide path, without losing track in the darkness. A certain “Soft Machine” is mentioned. So the writer W. Burroughs called the human body in a 1961 novel with the same name. The author of the poems admits that he found himself between her and the soul. From the overtaking whirlwinds there is nowhere to hide, but there is also a load of memory. Reflecting in youth on old age and what life will mean then, one has to ask the question: was it worth it to follow the chosen path?

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The song, included in the album called “Welcome to the Real World”, has several different versions with the submission of it by other performers. American group Mr. Mister refers to the genres of pop, melodic rock. It was created in 1982, existed until 1990, consisted of 4 musicians. There is some humor in the title. The first album was sold with difficulty, but the next one was certified platinum, because it was among the first in the United States. “Kyrie” was a successful hit on it along with “Broken Wings”. Subsequently, the group could no longer achieve the same success and broke up in 1990.

About the team Mister 

As for the biography, R. Page and S. George were previously members of the same project. The 70s were coming to an end. Three albums were recorded that did not bring commercial results. The team ceased to exist, and the vocalists began to dream of their own group. After one of the tours, they began to look for accomplices. Guitarist Steve Farris and drummer Pat Mastelotto joined them. Steve George began providing second vocals and was also the keyboardist. John Long was listed as the fifth member, but unofficially, was the author of all the songs.

Mr. Mister began a successful concert activity, signed a contract with a recording studio. The first album received very little income, but the second was a surprise. Group Mr. Mister felt a breakthrough. The top 10 included as many as three songs. “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings” achieved success not only in America but also in Europe. Richard Page received lucrative offers to move to other groups, but refrained from doing so. With the creation of the third album, luck left the musicians. The work was hard, the drummer fell ill, and John Long, Page’s cousin, stopped working. He went on to graduate school. Steve Farris left the band in 1989, it was hard to replace him. The fourth album was so disliked that the studio refused to record it. After the band disbanded, the members chose their own paths. Pat Mastelotto successfully participated in other groups, Page helped write the song “I’ll Remember” for Madonna. Together with its producer P. Leonard, he formed a new band Third Matinee, and after its collapse he recorded a solo album.

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The surge in popularity of Mr. Mister was rather short, and the single “Kyrie”, which went to number one in the US and Europe, immediately gained popularity. After the collapse of the team, the participants did not rest on their laurels. Further activities are also associated with success.

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