The meaning of the song «La Boda Del Huitlacoche» by Carin León

The meaning of the song «La Boda Del Huitlacoche» by Carin León songs

The song La Boda Del Huitlacoche has recently become popular on the social network TikTok. The popularity of the track was brought by the challenges that users created to the sound of the melody. However, few people know that La Boda Del Huitlacoche is not a new song at all, but just another version of a piece of music created back in the sixties.

You can find out all the curious facts about the song, as well as the history of its creation in our article.

History of creation

The song, whose title can be translated as “The Wedding of Huitlocoche (the name of the fungus that occurs on the fruits of corn)” became one of the most popular Mexican hits thanks to Karin Leon. His version of the work became widely known due to its special rhythm. The prevalence of the use of the track on the social network TikTok can be explained by the incendiary sound, which literally invites all listeners to dance.

However, not everyone knows that there is a long history behind the funny lyrics of the song. For the first time the work saw the light in the 1950s. The author of the original version was Carlos Madrigal. Then the musical composition did not find great popularity among listeners, but it served as an inspiration for many musicians in the future.

Twenty-four years later, in 1974, it was performed by the musical group Los Broсos de Reynosa. Even later, in 2016, the song appeared in the album of another musical group Intoсables del Norte, which was called You Will Say. Finally, in 2020, the Mexican Karin Leon presented his own vision of the song. He managed to make the track so melodic and danceable that it immediately became a regional hit.

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The meaning of the song “La Boda Del Huitlacoche” – Carin Leon

The incredibly popular song La Boda Del Huitlacoche, which was already performed by Karin Leon himself, completely preserved the original text of the musical composition, written and performed for the first time by Carl Madrigal. Many listeners and fans of Karin Leon’s work find the content of the song sparklingly cheerful, funny and even a little crazy.

The song tells about an incredible party, more specifically, the piece of music is about the wedding of a magpie and a bubble smut of corn, which was attended by many different birds.

By the way, many of the Mexican listeners express the opinion that the title of the song contains a mistake. The fact is that in Mexican the name of the fungus that affects corn is usually written as “Cuitlacoche”. while the song uses the spelling “Huitlacoche” in all official resources and media. However, music experts may argue with this statement. In a sense, in a cheerful song about birds, this term is used not as the name of a plant, but as the name of a lyrical hero, so the word can be written in any way.

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The plot of the song is quite simple and not intricate. The musical composition begins with calls for fun and dancing, addressed to all listeners. Between such calls and cheerful shouts, the performer tells the whole story of an unusual wedding.

The holiday takes place in the jungle, and among the guests you can see singing turkeys, an owl that arrives only after the rest of the guests have drunk a lot, a buzzard, at the sight of which all the guests rise and fall silent. Everyone was waiting for the last guest, because it was he who brought a gift, bought with his own money, in order to allow such a luxury, he even had to sell his only hat.

The last verse of the song is slightly less cheerful. It speaks of those birds and animals that have not received an invitation to a common merry feast organized in honor of the wedding of a bird and a smut of corn. Some of them were seriously upset and even offended.

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For example, the Californian earthen cuckoos did not at all have fun with everyone, but sat downstairs in a small courtyard. The weeping turtledoves, who rested on the pebbles during the holiday, did not join the fun either.

However, the main meaning of the musical composition is not at all in this bizarre story, but in the lines that occur between the last verses. It is in them that the author of the song conveys his vision of the world and puts a true call addressed to the listeners. He encourages them to see a holiday in every day, not to waste time on insults, but instead to have fun and sincerely love each other.

All other parts of the song only set the listener in the right mood. Enjoying the groovy chorus, filled with calls to join the celebration as soon as possible, to start singing and dancing, people really get infected with this fun, and a slightly strange and funny story about the wedding makes the composition lighter and more playful.

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