The meaning of the song lyrics «Space song» by Beach House

The meaning of the song lyrics «Space song» by Beach House songs

“You are my Sun, my star, my Cosmos!” – the lovers say to their “other halves. The “Space song” by the American duo “Beach house” is not about the flights of fearless astronauts or the rapture of an astronomer or a poet while contemplating the wonders of the universe. This song is about diving into the depths of the human soul.

History of “Space Song”

The hits of the twentieth century became famous thanks to the gramophone, radio or television, which very quickly turned from an artificial closed world into an illusion of real life. And today’s hits are made famous by TikTok. For example, “Space Song,” full of, as the critics said, “dramatic irony,” became a worldwide hit after appearing on TikTok in 2021. And two years is a very long time for modern popular music. After all, 90 percent of the newest hits are “long-lived,” like candle flames or one-day butterflies drowning in a river. “Space Song” is the exception, which was waiting for a happy fate, because by April 2023 it had been downloaded and listened to more than 700,000 times! And that’s not counting the interest from countries that are forced to use anonymizers before logging into TikTok.

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Meanwhile, there is nothing threatening or obscene in the lyrics of the song, even if you drill a hole as deep as the Mariana Trench in search of the meaning of “Space Song”. It’s as simple and innocent as a high school arithmetic lesson, even though the album the song is included in is literally called “Depressed Cherry”. “If you don’t like it, don’t try it and don’t dive in,” say the members of Beach house, who have more than once had to endure both persistent misunderstanding by others and tender feelings (not for each other, but therefore no less ardent).

The plot of “Space Song”

The plot of this song, as it should be a pop hit, is outwardly unpretentious and simple. It is addressed to a young man who has lost his beloved, and who feels the fragility of a world as fragile as clear crystal. Perhaps she has left him, without wishing him harm, or under the influence of irresistible circumstances, like an enchanted princess from a fairy tale who is carried away by a werewolf or an evil sorcerer far away. “Will you ever meet again?” – the lyrical hero unwittingly asks the saddened poor man. Let him not weep or flail in impotent rage, but his grief is as deep as the crystal depths of a mountain lake, in which even by day the clusters of constellations are reflected.

The lyrical hero (or heroine) of the song heartily sympathizes with the abandoned young man, longs to dry his silent tears and heal his broken heart to prove, in word and deed, “I am on your side.” For now, he looks into his eyes filled with unsettled tears, hopes that a flash of light and hope will light up in them, asks the gentle and silent night to heal his broken heart, and rejoices in advance over the reunion of the couple in love and their happiness. That’s why some people think this song is sung on behalf of a woman who can understand a sufferer without words, while others think it’s sung on behalf of a sensitive and tactful man who feels a kindred spirit in the modern “Romeo”. Both versions are correct, because the English language is characterized by an intolerable confusion of grammatical genders, which has more than once driven foreigners to despair!

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The meaning of the “Space Song” and its birth

However, the legend of the meaning of this song, which is worth listening to, says that it is dedicated to the heartfelt outpourings of the female “component” of the duo – Victoria Legrand and her tangled but romantic and fascinating personal life. Victoria felt that her former lover would never return to her again, though she diligently chased away despair and black thoughts. The beat of her weary and exhausted heart was reflected in the rhythm of the tune. Victoria herself prefers not to go into detail and adds: “I’m glad that my song has resonated in the hearts of young people and girls who have lost their love, and I hope it can help them deal with their heartache.” So “Cosmic Song” is that bottomless, like the bowels of the Galaxy, cosmic depth, in the heart of which the pure starlight flashes and flares up.

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