The meaning of the song «Miss You» by Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz

The meaning of the song «Miss You» by Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz songs

Miss You is a song by two songwriters Oliver Tree and Robin Schultz, released in 2022. The first is an American singer who was already known for his 2021 hit Life Goes On. The second is a German DJ, the author of many international hits spreading information about modern EDM all over the world.

The sped up version of the track went viral on TikTok. The official music video premiered on August 5, 2022 on Oliver Tree’s official YouTube channel. As of January 18, 2023, the video has a total of 9.9 million views.

History of creation

Miss You” is a remix of the 2020 track “Jerk” by American singer Oliver Tree. It was released on August 5, 2022 by Atlantic Records. The source code was originally remixed by German DJ Southstar, which caused controversy as Southstar claimed the remixes were the same. Southstar later stated that he reworked Oliver Tree’s “Jerk” and made the vocals a bit cleaner. He claimed they had negotiated publishing rights with the writers of The Jerk including Oliver Tree, Marshmallow and David Pramik. They decided to release a revised version of it called “Miss You”.

A few days later, Atlantic Records released a Robin Schultz version with an Oliver Tree song that sounds exactly like Southstar’s, but with all publishing rights, in due course (Atlantic is the label that released the original song). The Southstar version became less prominent after Atlantic released its version. But the title of the song remained the one given by Southstar, probably a rethinking of the lyrics based on his individual characteristics. Ultimately, Oliver Tree’s voice was stolen by Robin Schultz, who copied the song in its entirety. Then he became its owner.

The meaning of the song

The point of Southstar’s “Miss You” (featuring Oliver Tree’s stolen vocals) is to walk away from a relationship that is technically over. You should not return to a person who revels in his anger, and at the same time insults his partner. “Missing you” means that Oliver Tree doesn’t want to think about who broke his heart. He used to be attracted to a toxic mistress, but she mistreated him. He had to deal with a partner prone to insults and violence. More than once he faced the fact that during heated arguments he was treated as if he was worthless. Despite the fact that the offender, apparently, left the vocalist, Oliver clearly has a fear that she will materialize again anyway. He decides to change everything, now he does not need to endure all this.

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The lyrics of the song “Miss You” talk about the dialogue people have during a breakup. He notices that parting is a difficult test, but it is extremely important to remain calm and not succumb to emotions. In the second verse of “Miss You,” Oliver Tree sings about inner safety. He does not need all the memories of how terrible his breakup with his ex-partner was, he lives fine without her and goes about his business. He invites his partner to find someone with whom she will be comfortable and not torturing him.

The meaning of the clip

American singer and comedian Oliver Tree invites you on a journey into his eccentric world, in his short video he unleashes his inner clown nature. It is curious that the entire clip was filmed by the artist himself. Impressively, it includes abrupt transitions from one scene to another, which allow the viewer to assess all the victims and delve into the essence of what is happening.

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The video shows the artist’s behavior when he decides to interrupt the daily routine of life. He acts inappropriately in his very peculiar manner. At the beginning of the clip, he is wearing a baggy, oversized suit dancing in a police car. To dance music, he scatters office documents and smashes office equipment in front of astonished employees. Then he interrupts the children’s football game, scores the ball into the goal and runs away. At the end of the video, to the dismay of the customers, he overturns the shelves in the grocery store and robs it. All this is accompanied by a strange clown who is supposedly Tree’s alter ego, but is actually a little less sinister than himself. It is a strange spectacle that captures the viewer from beginning to end, and he hopes to find out if there will be retribution in this story. At the end of the clip, this quirky character is taken away in a police car. The video includes a slightly surreal aesthetic plucked straight out of the darkest dreams.

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When creatives like Oliver Tree start to think outside the box, the end result breaks the rules. In his song, Tree talks about his experience as an outcast, and he eventually realizes that hating jerks is a “double-edged sword”. When a person is angry, he behaves like a jerk and therefore he will always feel insignificant. In this song, he emphasizes that this is a frequent occurrence, and it will repeat itself over and over again.

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