The meaning of the song «No One Dies From Love» by Tove Lo

The meaning of the song «No One Dies From Love» by Tove Lo songs

The theme of love will always be relevant both in books and in music. Hearing pleasant notes and good words, a person understands much more. The melody creates an entourage, and a pleasant female voice tells about a story that once happened. The Swedish singer Tove Lo tried to show the same. Her song literally screams about unrequited love and how a person is tormented in suffering. There is no betrayal or lies here. It just happens that love leaves, feelings become dull, and a person realizes that it’s time to leave. What else hides the meaning of the track “No One Dies from Love”?

History of creation

This track, perhaps, will be ideal for those who have just broken up and are experiencing not the most sunny moment of life. Despite the fact that the music is cheerful, reminiscent of the old beat of the 90s, the lyrics themselves are sad. The history of the track’s appearance is very simple: painful words formed into one big composition that had to be told to people. And in general, such music will always be relevant and popular, because it is for a wide audience.

“We were a miracle, why cut everything off?”

This is perhaps the key phrase of the whole song, because a person suffers, he feels bad, hurts, lonely. He is not ready to put up with the fact that he is now left to himself. You have to get used to new realities, to a new world, and even to people who scare him.

“You got good reasons but I do too, what really happened here I wish I knew” – in order to end the relationship, there must be strong arguments for parting. Apparently, something happened between these people that nevertheless led them to such a decision. Everyone had their reasons. But, if the first person broke up unconditionally, then the second one is still wondering how it happened, and is trying to find answers.

“It escalated do fast, we yelled things we can’t take back” is exactly the moment that you always need to think, and only then say it out loud. Often we ourselves, not knowing this, hurt a person with words. It is much more painful than any physical pain, because it is forgotten. And words – they stay with a person for a long time. As usually happens in strong quarrels: word for word, people go into a rage and there is no stopping them.

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“No one dies from love, guess I’ll be the first” – the hero of the track loves his man so much that for him this gap is like the end of the world. Feelings and, truth, not from pleasant. And all this is similar to how all living things die inside.

Do you remember us or are the memories too stained with blood now? ”- the second half began to “tear” everything rough and hard. All those precious moments that were experienced by two people no longer matter, they are already in the past. Nothing remains of what it was. And it is not even clear whether a woman or a man suffers, since the text is impersonal. It turns out that all these questions can be attributed to any person.

“Somehow we’re strangers but share this pain” – and there are no those who are absolutely indifferent. It is bad for one person that he abandoned and left at the right time, and the second experiences this pain and suffocates with it. People care, it’s just that everyone shares this stage of life in different ways.

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“Keep writing letters I’ll never send” is when you write a message and are on the verge of sending the “send” button. This situation is familiar to absolutely everyone, because we all write our thoughts and really want to send them to our loved ones. Sending does not occur: either because of pride, or because everything did not return back, or it was the final point of no return. And how many such unsent messages are in the air, how many unspoken words.

“I miss all the cool things we’d do, miss watching movies with you” – what are the most memorable memories associated with a person when you can feel the unity of souls? Probably, watching a good movie together is the most successful and popular option. Warm, cozy, good, homely cool.

Not a song, but one big pain enclosed in rhythmic music. And it is not surprising, because the track occupies rating places in the European charts. Another thing is if you watch a clip that does not show suffering and torment at all. He, on the contrary, talks about the characters of the two heroes: it becomes immediately clear which of them took the first step towards a break.

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Combination of track and video

Nothing distracts from watching the clip, except that the girl falls in love with the robot. Apparently, the robot is some kind of allegory that shows her person. He is just as cold and unfeeling. Love is expressed in the video, even if it is not the same as that of many people, but it is peculiar. Greedy kisses with a pile of iron, walks, watching a movie together, dinner. Intimate scenes are a separate art form, because these relationships were clearly kept on the bed.

And she was good for both. Only one question is created: what was wrong with these lovers, since there was a separation, and both suffer? It can be assumed that the matter is extinguished feelings. Or maybe these relationships would have taken the wrong direction at all, i.e. no definite development. They would stand in their place – this is unlikely to suit two people over time. Still, the feelings of a robot can hardly be imagined, and in relation to a living person, he will not feel anything. In this case, the only way out is only parting.

Sometimes there are songs that help to realize a lot in life. The pressing themes for music are life and love. Each performer shows his vision of these things. How interesting every musician imagines life and love. After all, all this can be different: sad, happy, stunning, crazy, explosive.

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