The meaning of the song «Nobody Gets Me» by SZA

The meaning of the song «Nobody Gets Me» by SZA songs

The soul track was released in December 2022. It is saturated with the atmosphere of the eternal summer of Los Angeles and very refreshing in the winter. The author is Solana Imani Rowe, an R&B artist originally from St. Louis, USA. The girl creates under the pseudonym SZA.

Interestingly, the singer was seriously going to become a marine biologist, but dropped out of her studies in Delaware without waiting a semester before graduating from university. For some time she lived, interrupted by odd jobs, and then decided to try her hand at music. The initial set of skills was already there: as a hobby, the girl composed and performed songs, she especially liked the work of an Icelandic woman under the pseudonym Björk.

R&B (eng. rhytm and blues) is a musical genre of rhythm and blues.

History of creation

Since the release of the previous album “STRL” has been a long 5 years, and SZA releases a fresh “SOS”. As part of this album, 23 new compositions are heard, and “Nobody gets me” is among them.

Almost canonical R&B sound, pleasant voice, unobtrusive melodies are combined in “SOS” with touching and honest stories from the life of the lyrical heroine, which the performer draws.

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The sound refers to different genres: soul is best heard here, you can make out jazz notes, elements of “melodic” rap and gospel. The creators describe the album as a hodgepodge (probably in the best possible way) of surf rock, lo-fi beats that SZA simply loves, and elements of grunge.

People and SOS

Travis Scott, hip-hop artist Don Toliver and other talented artists took part in the recording of the disc. Their voices are present in the compositions as guest vocals. Several musicians, including Björk, an electronic music artist from Iceland, Benny Blanco, an American rapper, and Babyface, one of the most popular R&B producers in the 1990s, produced “SOS” with SZA.

The album brought together the work of different artists, so it is able to surprise with its sound and has many musical references. However, its “eclecticism” can be tiring, according to Alexis Petridis, a journalist from the British daily newspaper The Guardian.

Despite this, “SOS” received many positive reviews from critics, was well received and highly appreciated, the artist’s work was dubbed “the talent of the generation.” Negative reviews about the project are only 10% out of 100 according to the Metacritic website.

Meaning of “Nobody Gets Me”

At times the mood of the disc is pensive and even desperate, but on the whole it sounds quite positive and life-affirming.
SZA describes her feelings and thoughts about female-male relationships, her role in them, and the change of attitude when falling in love in a sincere and simple language.

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Curious phrases:

gets me, you do
me back” – if I were you, I would not accept myself back
“I pretend when I’m winnin’ madness to you” – I pretend when I surpass you in madness

The story told in “Nobody gets me” is a monologue of the lyrical heroine addressed to her partner. Their relationship is complex, painful, vivid and emotional.

The only phrase of the mysterious boyfriend that the girl mentions is the cry “F**k that” – “to hell with everything.” Then she asks the guy not to pay attention to his discontent and enjoy the present moment, the time spent together. It can be assumed that the heroine lacks the care, attention and presence of a partner in a relationship, but the guy, on the contrary, makes attempts to move away from her.

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