The meaning of the song «On & On» by Cartoon

The meaning of the song «On & On» by Cartoon songs

“Cartoon” is a dance group from Denmark, which appeared back in 1996. The musicians adhere to the musical styles of the 50-60s of the last century, as well as the Eurodance fashion trend. Let’s try to figure out why their hit “On & On” is so famous and what it says.

History of the song

Despite their popularity in Europe, the band gives very few interviews and comments, so the listeners only have to guess what inspired them to write this or that composition. Often such compositions are created without any lyrical background, creating a romantic flair for the composition and a hidden meaning for the written text.

What is the meaning of the song «On & On» by Cartoon?

The song “On & On” is a light dance composition, and therefore is not overloaded with additional meanings. It is based on the musicians’ calls for us not to be afraid to try new things and not to stop on our way:

And we’ll go on and on

Towards the wastelands, along the highways,
Until my shadow turns into sunbeams,
And we will go on and on,
Towards the wastelands, along the highways,
And we will go on and on .

The groovy motive easily falls on the lines and by the second chorus one wants to repeat this mantra along with the vocalists. Before us is a composition that will resonate in the hearts of young people, because the problems raised in the text of the song are familiar to most of them: the inability to understand oneself and the fear of having to make a choice that affects the future. Fear of being wrong. Vocalists tell us that despite the circumstances we have each other and this is the most precious value.

At the same time, the musicians tell us that life is fleeting and it is not worth wasting time on things and people that, upon closer examination, are not so important. In a sense, this song can be perceived as a search for inspiration and the desire to “change the record” at the moment when your bright life turns into a stagnant swamp. The fate of a person does not always turn out the way we would like, but it is important not to forget that a person himself is the blacksmith of his own happiness. It depends only on him and his efforts how rich and vibrant life will be.

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In the final part of the song, the vocalists emphasize that they believe in a happy ending. The fact that the number of like-minded people will increase and they will be surrounded by people who will share the same life beliefs as they do.

The life-affirming text sets in a positive mood and does not let the listener lose heart. This style is typical of the dance music of the last decade. Today, musicians who create dance music try to shock or shock the listener by filling their text with rude curses, themes of non-traditional relationships and other tolerant topics, completely forgetting that people listen to this musical style in order to distract from their problems, dream, relax and tune in to a positive dynamics.

Interesting facts about the group

Interestingly, the musicians experimented a lot with musical styles, trying everything from country to dance music. They were especially popular when performing such hits as “Witch Doctor” and “DooDah”.

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Live performances of musicians are even more interesting. They turn each concert into a real performance, transforming on stage into characters from pop culture, video games and cartoons. An important role in their images is occupied by costumes, wigs, decorative overlays, as well as props. The composition “On & On” was one of the last that the band “released” in 2018. According to information from social networks and the Internet, at the moment the musical group has taken a break in creativity and it is not known whether it plans to return.

Music video for the song

Interestingly, despite the popularity of the group, it does not have an official YouTube channel. To date, there is an official music video for this song released in 2018 and several amateur clips, where YouTube hosting users used the group’s audio and video sequences to create an original video clip for their favorite song.

In the original video, the musicians used the leitmotif “Live to the fullest while young.” From the first minutes we are introduced to a couple in love who go in for extreme sports together, ride a yacht, relax on the beach, and go to a party in the evening. The atmosphere of the clip is imbued with love of life and courage, motivates the viewer not to put off their plans and be happy while life gives us such an opportunity.

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