The meaning of the song «Out of style» by Limp Bizkit

The meaning of the song «Out of style» by Limp Bizkit songs

Relatively recently, the American rap rock band Limp Bizkit released a video with the song “Out of style”. The clip is quite provocative and curious. The song is part of the group’s sixth album, which was recorded by the musicians in 2021, after a ten-year break in creativity. At the moment, the clip has collected 70 thousand likes, 1.5 million views and 13 thousand comments. What’s in this video and song? Let’s find out.

The history of the creation of “Out of style” – Limp Bizkit

The song “Out of style” is the first on the list and one of the 12 songs of the sixth album called “Still Sucks”. Initially, the musicians wanted to call the record “Stempede of the Disco Elefants”, but then renamed it. The band has been “nursing” this album for quite a long time – 10 years after their last album “Gold Cobra”, released in 2011.

The guys never give interviews about this song, but it speaks for itself. Particularly indicative is the clip that the musicians recorded using the overlay of masks, deepfake images. The replacement of faces occurred in all members of the group.

So frontman Fred Durst with the face of Vladimir Putin. Other members of the group got the images of the current presidents: US Joe Biden, Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The entire line-up of the group, as world leaders, plays their instruments in the garage in front of a single spectator.

That spectator is a man with the face of actor Tom Cruise, who is standing outside grilling sausages. He wears an apron with a photograph of a naked male chest and belly of a man who is clearly overweight. Under the bust, this print has “woodstock” written on the apron. Tom Cruise dances to the music of Limp Bizkit, holding kitchen tongs, the ends of which are bright red and when folded look like a rocket in his hand. The video shows a fun atmosphere where friends are having fun. Vladimir Putin whispers something in Kim Jong-un’s ear. He stands behind Joe Biden, then Tom Cruise. Biden rides a bike and falls. To the unanimous cries of all four leaders, the President of the Russian Federation drinks something similar to beer from a funnel with a pipe. During the entire performance of the group, Tom Cruise lays out the Pacific symbol from sausages on the grill.

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There are a lot of symbols in the clip.

With the help of this video, the musicians tried to expand the meaning of the song “Out of style” so that their fans might look at it differently. In general, the group follows its own style. The kids play with their imagination. They intertwine symbols and meanings, confuse the listener: either they touch on the seriousness of the problem, or they entertain with comedic moments. In a word, Limp Bizkit ignites, as before.

The meaning of the song “Out of style” – Limp Bizkit

With the song “Out of style”, the group’s performers wanted to express their opinion on the events taking place in the world. Naturally, there are few people who were not affected by the conduct of a special operation by Russian troops in Ukraine. The musicians of Limp Bizkit have always had their own opinion and shared it directly with their fans. The band’s frontman Fred Durst is open about his political views.

And this time, in the song “Out of style”, the members of Limp Bizkit talk about their bewilderment about what is happening, that the world never changes and the same thing is constantly repeated. One can see their negative attitude to current events. They, as is typical of Limp Bizkit, even use a strong word to add expressiveness to their emotions.

The title of the song “Out of style” is translated “Out of fashion”. Musicians say to themselves that they are not in fashion, that is, they do not follow modern trends where violence is welcomed.

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The message of the song is quite pacific, calling for peace. The group says that they would like to change, but, unfortunately, nothing in the world is changing. They call to be not in fashion, but in one team.

Interpretation of the lyrics of the song “Out of style” – Limp Bizkit

The song begins with the words: “We cannot change the past, but we can start today to make our tomorrow better.” Further in the song, phrases come in fits and starts, from which, like pieces of a puzzle, you can put together the picture as a whole. This presentation of meaning is typical of Limp Bizkit. In addition, in the song through a few lines there are swear words. This emphasizes emotionality, gives expression to the text.

At the beginning of the song, Fred asks the question: “When will this change?” In the first part of the song (or verse) he says he doesn’t ask for anything. This is followed by phrases, as if with sarcasm, that this is some kind of even pleasant pain, indicating the sadistic inclinations of a person who is watching everything that happens. That is, there is a message to people that this side of the personality is present in everyone. He says: “I’m celebrating, yes!” It also means the reverse meaning that there is actually nothing to celebrate.

This is followed by the words that he does not ask for anything. This suggests that he does not need anything extra, except for the topic raised. The song says you need to shake, that is, shake or bring this topic to light. Fred Durst says he is always out of fashion and never will be. In this way, he emphasizes his own opinion on the situation. He says: “You barely touched the ground, as you received in response and flew downhill.” These lines can be interpreted in such a way that: “the earth leaves from under your feet as soon as you touch it.” That is, as soon as you descend from heaven to earth, from dreams you plunge into reality, this stream of news pushes you down again and again. Further in the text there is a line where Fred talks about those who are trying to copy them, or here you can still understand what is being copied, that is, history is repeating itself. He is asking: “How did I even let you in on me?” That is, such a neighborhood is unpleasant for him.

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Following on, there is a line stating that a hunt has been announced for the group. It means that they are not loved in certain circles, most likely political ones, for their directness. And now there is a reward for their capture. Then comes the following speech: “I am at war and there are only rats around!” This means that constantly in the life of the author there is a struggle (and perhaps we are talking about a real war), where traitors are everywhere, no one can be trusted and trusted.

Then comes the phrase, which is repeated twice (the second time with an obscene word): “We need to be on the same team! And if not, then we are an empty place!”. Simply put, one should not be against everyone, but it is better for the world to be together, to be united than divided.

This is followed by the second part of the song, where Fred says that he suddenly became serious, which means he must have gone crazy. This means that no one took him seriously, but he is talking about serious things. Here you can say how “woe from the mind.” Then he utters a phrase that he looks skeptically into the past, why does he have a cross on his chest? Perhaps here he wanted to show that he doubted his faith.

Then the lines from the chorus and the first verse are repeated several times.

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