The meaning of the song «Secrets» by OneRepublic

The meaning of the song «Secrets» by OneRepublic songs

“Secrets” is a single released in 2009 by the American rock band OneRepublic. The song managed to sound in several films and find the love of listeners, both in the United States and abroad. Let’s try to figure out what this song is about and why there is such a buzz around the track.

History of the song

The musicians spoke very little in interviews about how they came up with the idea of ​​​​creating this composition. However, without a doubt, the hit was written to order and intended for commercial use. From the moment the composition was released on the waves of radio stations, the history of its use in various media products began: films, TV shows, viral videos on YouTube and social networks.

Initially, the track was conceived as a musical accompaniment to Til Schweiger’s film “Handsome-2”, but was later seen in other films. So he managed to sound in the trailer of the series “Lost”, “Nikita”, as well as the film “Love and other drugs”. The recognizability of the melody and the pleasant, sentimental text made the listeners fall in love with the track and keep it from the tops of the world music hit parades for a long time.

The Meaning of “Secrets” – OneRepublic

The composition is an impromptu confession of the vocalist, in which he talks about how he is burdened by the current situation, he is nostalgic for the past. The leitmotif of the song is contained in the chorus:

“Say what you want to hear,
Something that’s good for those ears.
I’m tired of all the falseness,
I’m going to give away all my secrets.

Before us is a person who is tired of the burden of everyday worries, who is on the verge of despair and is not ready for this last step. He talks about how his life has become too boring and viscous, that he desperately needs a new story, bright events that will stir up his life and fill it with new meaning.

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The vocalist tells us that the only thing he does not regret is that his hands are not stained with blood. Caught in captivity of his own fears and emotions, he is ready to reveal all his secrets to us. The song turned out to be very personal, because the frontman speaks a lot in it directly about his work and about the reaction he receives from society. So, in one of the lines, he mentions that a lot of horrifying events are happening in the world now, but if you write a song about them, draw the attention of others to this problem, and such a “record” will instantly become gold.

The author talks to us about how fame has made him a hostage to his work and how he cannot find a way out of this seemingly “golden cage”. The lyrics of the song are permeated with heady nostalgia for the times when life was simple, and decision-making did not lead to disappointments and anxieties.

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Interesting facts about the song

An interesting fact is that the composition was warmly received by critics. So, John Hill from the popular portal spoke flatteringly about the song, giving it the highest score. In his commentary, he says that all the lyrical accents placed in the song are perfectly conveyed here. In his opinion, the track is very balanced, it starts like a friendly heart-to-heart conversation, and closer to the chorus we get a desperate cry for help, which is simply impossible to ignore. The critic emphasizes that it was interesting for him to reflect on the meaning of the song, but anyway, every listener will find something of his own in it, close and understandable to the heart.

At the time of its debut, the song immediately hit the Billboard Hot 100 and made a dizzying jump from 98 to 21, which is the best indicator of the track’s success. At the time of 2014, the musical group managed to sell over 3,000,000 digital copies of the composition around the world. Video clips for the track have collected more than 257,000,000 views on YouTub.

Video clip for the song

The video for the song of the same name was released by the musicians in 2009. The premiere took place on German television, and the video contained a video sequence from the film “Handsome-2” for which the song was written. The entire composition of the group, along with the vocalist, took part in the filming. Later, another version of the music video was released, now it was something like a promotional video for the Lost series, of which it was the title track. The third version of the clip is original and does not belong to any film. In addition to the musicians themselves, the famous actress Nora Chirner starred in it. In this case, we see a lyrical story about a girl who walks around an empty summer city, which echoes the video sequence of the performance of the musicians themselves.

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The final, fourth coverage of the music video was a version made on the basis of a cut of the video sequence from the movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, where the song was also used as the main composition.

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