The meaning of the song «Sex And Candy» by Marcy Playground

The meaning of the song «Sex And Candy» by Marcy Playground songs

“You are my sweet candy!” – millions of lovers say to their girlfriends, feeling ready for all kinds of feats in honor of the lady of the heart, if only she honored them with her grace. “Sweet and appetizing, so I would have eaten it!” – the buddies discuss seductive girls before moving on to further revelations. And then all the same lovers-heroes complain that the treacherous seductress gutted her “knight’s” purse and slipped away to another, wealthier and more generous man.

“I fell into her net like a fool, like the last boy,” the poor fellow is sad. Who is to blame? Well, of course, the irresistible power of pheromones, the entire female gender, starting with the foremother Eve, or maybe the Lord God personally, who created Adam defenseless before the charms of Eve, more juicy and appetizing than all the fruits of the fabulous Garden of Eden. “It’s not me, it’s all her,” said poor Adam, who had just tasted the forbidden fruit and felt the sticky sweet juice dripping down his chin. And since then, all the men of the world have followed the example of Adam, obediently following the next beauty, like bulls on a string for an armful of hay.

“I wrote this song as God puts it on my soul, without caring about the choice of words,” John Wozniak, lead singer of the American rock band Marcy Playground, tells the story of the creation of his hit “Sex and Candy” (“Sex And Candy”). “First, a melody came to me that sounded in my ears for hours on end, until I decided: “Hey man, this tune is good enough to make a song out of it.”

What will it be about? Well, of course, about what young men think about twenty-four hours a day – about the sweet bait that the entire male gender has been regularly caught for thousands of years, and about the coquettes that turn us into mattresses and stuffed fools, as soon as they wag their ass or wink their eyes . I wrote down the first words that came to mind, if only I could get it right and smoothly. And only on the fifth, no, on the tenth attempt, I realized that I was getting something worthwhile, and decided that it was worth showing the result of my work to my friends.

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“A connection between sex and sweets? the musician continues. “Actually, I knew about her when I was in elementary school and saved up pocket money to take my girlfriend to a candy store. But this time, the name of the song was suggested to me by one curious girl, my girlfriend’s neighbor in the hostel. She dropped in on us when we were making love, and when she saw that she had interfered with the doves in love, she began to mutter something about a lost abstract, about a textbook forgotten in the audience, and that she would certainly look at us another time. Since then, we have not gone to bed without putting a couple of locks on the door and without making sure that not even a mouse will seep into us, and not just a sassy girl who appeared on someone else’s territory as if it was necessary!

“I hung around the city, thinking about various nonsense, staring into the glass of shop windows and feeling like a hero, from whom all the girls are crazy,” the hero of this song could tell about himself. – In the morning I drank coffee to wake up well, and I felt like a king – a guy to whom the devil himself is not a brother. And then she appeared, sweet as a cherry pie, seductive as a cold lemonade on a July afternoon, and impregnable as a beauty queen. She smelled like sex and a candy store, and I felt like a bee stupefied by sweet nectar. I immediately thought: “Boy, you are gone, she stole your freedom!

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Now you have fallen into a honey trap from which there is no escape! And she looked at me so cunningly, as if I were a stupid greedy fly that flew straight into the middle of the web, played with its legs and sat down on my chair, like the mistress of my room and my life. No, no, mommy, it’s not my fault, mom, believe me, it was just a dream! Mother dear, I was such a fool not to heed your warnings! She has drugged me with her charms, and I, your poor boy, am completely innocent! I just fell for her hook!”

Exactly 25 years have passed, and the hit, written in 1997, continues to occupy first places in the charts. He is beyond competition, like a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola or a donut generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. While men are blown away by female charms, while they are ready to commit madness in the name of another beauty, and then curse their blindness in every way, while the world is divided into men and women, the song from the debut album “Marcy Playground” will be relevant as if on the seventh day creations as a blushing Adam stared at his charming girlfriend.

“It looks like I was just stoned that day,” recalls John Wozniak in response to attempts to interpret his song about a girl, sweets and a loving mother, either in the spirit of Freud’s provocative theory, or in the style of Salvador Dali’s psychedelic paintings. “This song means exactly what it says, and not a drop more!”


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