The meaning of the song «Slide It In» by Whitesnake

The meaning of the song «Slide It In» by Whitesnake songs

1984 was a happy year for hard rock fans. Whitesnake released their 6th studio album Slide It In. Despite the belated release in other countries, the album was warmly received. For a long time it was in the top 10 popular albums of its time. An interesting fact is that “Slide It In” has 2 self-contained versions. The single became popular not only in English-speaking countries, but also in Asia. In Japan, the track was met with a bang. He honorably entered the top 10 popular songs.

What is the story Behind the Song «Slide It In» by Whitesnake

The creation of the album began in 1983 on the basis of the Munich studio. One of the main participants was producer Eddie Kramer. Guitarist Miki Moody repeatedly noticed discord during work. Mickey and the group’s founder, David Coverdale, were bosom friends who easily found a common language in the work. This album is an exception. Mikey and David were constantly arguing and didn’t talk much. Work on the album took place in a negative atmosphere.

They have always acted as co-authors of songs. However, during the writing of songs for the 6th album, the guys pulled away from each other. As a result, Mickey Moody completes the album, but with another fairly popular producer of his time, Martin Burch. Before Whitesnake, he worked with many well-known bands (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc.). In the future, Moody will leave the group. Bassist Colin Hodgkinson will leave with him. David will find his style unacceptable for the group. The American edition of the album has significant changes. John Sykes and Neil Murray will rewrite the album’s guitar and bass tracks. Despite many negative events, the singles will stand the test of time and become popular all over the world. In the UK, the record will retain the 1st place for a long time.

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Some time later, the album “Slide It In” will be certified gold in Sweden. The album will go double platinum in the US. Despite the bad criticism in terms of sound, all tracks had incomprehensible rich eco, as well as in terms of ambiguous expressions with sexual overtones. The American company responsible for the release of the record in the United States decided to re-record the album. And so the second version of the album “Slide It In” appeared. Until 1987, the group will not have serious and impressive success.

Explain the meaning of «Slide It In» by Whitesnake

The ambiguous sexual subtext is the second reason for the bad criticism towards the album. “Slide It In” translates as “insert it inside.” The 80s and 90s were the height of hippie culture. Free sexual relations were common among young people. This applies not only to the US, but also to the UK, where the album received particular popularity. The words of the song reject the inner stiffness of a person. “I know what you want. I see what you are looking for.” The song appeals to the base needs of people. You need to open up to your desires and not pretend, because everyone wants one thing. The composition romanticizes sexual attraction.

It was difficult for many critics to perceive this composition. The text is complemented by a light, rocky melody, to which you can dance and not think about anything. It’s hard to accuse the band of obscenities or inciting sexual acts. The song has no direct allusions. It indirectly indicates the desires of society, which should not be embarrassed or hidden. During the performance, the main singers of the song constantly emphasized their sexuality in special movements with a guitar or a microphone. The soloist stroked his body, and the guitarist showed the press and beckoned to the happy girls in the hall.

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«Slide It In» by Whitesnake Lyrics meaning (line by line)

  • “You talk too much.” Indicates the inaction of society. People tend to do less and talk more. The author openly calls for action
  • “Never say what’s on your mind.” Emphasizes internal isolation, as well as a disregard for moral principles inside. It makes no sense to open up to everyone you meet, because he does not care about your soul.
  • “It’s written all over your face.” The group feels the desires of the crowd and openly demonstrates this to them. Calls to remove the false mask, under which the real desire is hidden.
  • “And in the words you hide behind.” External resistance, covering internal consent. The song tries to reach everyone. So that he looked inside himself and found out the answer.
  • “I know what you want. I see what you are looking for.” The realization that the crowd, despite the moral foundations of society, still strives for what they want. It is the strongest thing in the world. It’s impossible to hide it.
  • “I know what you want from me. And I’m going to give you more.” To get what you want, just reach out your hand. The song hints at the ease of obtaining. No need to resist blissful pleasure.
  • “I’m going to move it up to the right. Slide it straight up.
  • I’m going to put it in, put it in, put it in the baby.” This is the ambiguous context for which critics took the song unkindly. The words “move”, “up” or “forward” describe the process of sexual pleasures that people so desire to receive.
  • “Just like a stranger to me, but all the games you play are easy to see.” The deception cannot be hidden. The word “games” means evasions and substitution of concepts. The song indicates that the desire is explicit and does not require further explanation.
  • “You are looking for love even though you try to deny that you have passed me.” The author understands that no one will accept his simple paradigm. They will deny and try not to look in the desired direction. Betrayal is the denial of the inner self to which the song is addressed.
  • “Always treat me so unkindly. I know what I need to do to calm myself.” Despite the censure, the author will satisfy his needs for the sake of blissful feelings. He does not need to be ashamed of the inner self. He knows what needs to be done to avoid unnecessary negative feelings.
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The composition became popular due to the clear and simple language for the people. They are in solidarity with the author of the song. Their inner desires will always prevent them from doing what they want. Duty and moral principles will restrain their not only sexual desire, but also a rebellious spirit. Society constantly says one thing and acts differently. Perhaps this is the main hidden meaning of the composition. The group performing the song is not shy about being themselves and showing themselves to society.

They do not need the acceptance or approval of someone from the outside. The meaning of the song was liked not only by American and English listeners, but also by countries far from the culture of hippies and rock and roll. Whitesnake is a band that was able to see the soul of society and turn to it.

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