The meaning of the song «Soldier, Poet, King» by The Oh Hellos

The meaning of the song «Soldier, Poet, King» by The Oh Hellos songs

The Oh Hellos have been an indie folk band since their formation in 2011. With a unique blend of folk, country and rock, they have created a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Their latest album, Soldier, Poet, King, is a captivating collection of songs that showcase the band’s remarkable songwriting abilities. From the invigorating “Hello My Old Heart” to the ethereal “Like the Dawn”, every track on this album has its own distinct flavor and will leave you wanting more. With their passionate lyrics and soulful melodies, The Oh Hellos have created an album that fans of all genres are sure to enjoy.

What is the story Behind the Song “Soldier, Poet, King” – The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hellos are an American folk rock band from Texas. The band was formed in 2011 by siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath who write and perform all of the music. The Oh Hellos song “Soldier, Poet, King” was released in 2013 as part of their debut album Through the Deep, Dark Valley.

The history of the creation of the song “Soldier, Poet, King” is the history of cooperation and creative search of brothers and sisters. Tyler and Maggie started working on the song in 2012 when they lived together in a small apartment in Austin. They have been writing music together for many years, but this was their first experience of working on a full-length album. While working on the song, they drew inspiration from various sources, including literature, mythology and their own experience.

The idea for the song “Soldier, Poet, King” came to Tyler while reading Homer’s Odyssey. He was inspired by Odysseus’ journey home after a long exile and wanted to capture the same feeling of homesickness in the song. He began to write words about a soldier who is looking for not just a physical home, but a place where he can find peace and solace from his difficulties.

Maggie then took Tyler’s lyrics and added her own unique touch to it, adding her own melodic lines and instrumentation to create a fuller soundscape for the song. She also wrote additional lyrics about a poet who is trying to find his place in the world, as well as a king who struggles with a sense of his own powerlessness over his kingdom.

Their collaborative effort resulted in “Soldier, Poet, King”, a powerful song that speaks to our shared need for belonging and purpose. The song has become one of The Oh Hellos’ all-time favorites, with many fans calling it one of their favorites from Through the Deep Dark Valley. It has also become an anthem for many people who are looking for something more than just physical comfort – a place where they can find peace within themselves and with those around them.

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The meaning of the song “Soldier, Poet, King” – The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hellos are an American folk rock band consisting of siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath. Their song “Soldier, Poet, King” is a beautiful ode to the human spirit that speaks to all of us who have ever felt overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

The song opens with a simple but powerful line: “I am a soldier, I am a poet, I am a king.” This is the first hint of what this song is about: that each of us has the strength and courage to face everything that life throws at us. No matter how hard it is, we can still find inner strength and persevere.

The song’s chorus continues this idea, talking about how we can be strong and vulnerable at the same time: “I can be strong when I have to be / And I can be weak when I choose / But whatever comes my way / I I won’t go astray.” It speaks to our ability to take on whatever life throws at us while remaining true to ourselves and our values.

The song’s bridge adds another layer of meaning, talking about how we can use our experiences – both good and bad – to become better people: “And so through my battles I will grow/ And through my trials I will know/ That every step along the way/ Is part of becoming who I am today.” This goes to show that even though life can be hard, we can still use the experience to learn and become better.

Ultimately, “Soldier, Poet, King” is an inspiring reminder that no matter how difficult life’s situations may be, we each have the strength and courage to face whatever comes our way. This is a reminder that even in times of darkness there is always light at the end of the tunnel if we just stay true to ourselves and never give up.

 “Soldier, Poet, King” – The Oh Hellos lyrics meaning line by line

The Oh Hellos’ “Soldier, Poet, King” is a beautiful and complex piece of music that talks about life’s challenges, the power of love, and the importance of standing up for what’s right. The song’s lyrics are complex and often open to interpretation, but it tells a story that is both poignant and inspiring.

The song begins with the line “I am a soldier, I am a poet, I am a king.” This line sets the theme of the song: each person has several roles in life, but it is important to understand that each role has its own unique responsibility. It’s not enough to just be one person; we must strive to be everything if we want to change this world for the better.

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The next set of lines speaks of the power of love: “Love can break us like nothing else / Love can heal us like nothing else.” This speaks to how powerful love can be in our lives; it can both hurt us deeply and bring us back from our darkest moments. It is an integral part of life and should never be taken for granted or ignored.

The refrain expresses this idea more clearly: “O soldier, o poet, o king / You will never be alone.” It speaks directly to those who feel isolated or alone in their struggles; no matter what we face in life, we are not alone as long as there is love in our hearts. At times, we may feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities, but if we remember that there are people who care about us and want us to succeed, then we can find strength in ourselves even in our darkest moments.

The bridge gives hope: “And I know that you will rise / And find your way home.” This is addressed directly to those who have experienced hard times or lost their way; no matter how bleak the events may seem, there is always hope for redemption and that you will find your way home again.

Ultimately, “Soldier, Poet, King” is an uplifting song about finding the strength within and accepting all aspects of our lives with courage and love. Its text encourages us to recognize our own strength and potential, as well as to recognize the value of the people around us; only then can we really change this world for the better.

Why are there many “Kings” in the Soldier, Poet, King test? 

Fans of the Soldier, Poet, King test are wondering why “King” appears most often in the results. The members of the The Oh Hellos song trend delve into psychology, building theories about the impostor syndrome and quiz algorithms.

Social media users curiously pass the Soldier, Poet, King viral test based on the song of the same name by The Oh Hellos. The participants of the trend answer philosophical questions about life and argue about the results. At the time of writing, about five million people have passed the quiz on the Uquiz portal, of which the vast majority have become “Kings”.

Fans of Soldier, Poet, King are theorizing why there are so many “Kings”. Internet users noticed that often those who wanted to be a “Poet” but had to become a “Soldier” often fall into the ranks of rulers. In this case, the “King” card is a metaphor for the feeling of unfreedom.

It seems to me that “Kings” are those people who wanted to be “Poets”, but were forced to become “Soldiers”.

The authors of the video embark on psychoanalysis in an attempt to find an explanation for the test results. They suggest that the “King” in the test does not represent a goal-oriented leader, as one might expect, but an insecure person. The “king” is afraid to follow his dreams or cannot follow his desires due to a sense of duty to other people and the pressure of external circumstances.

“Kings” are those who decide from childhood that their dreams are too unrealistic and give up. “Kings” are those who hate to take responsibility, but are forced to do so because they don’t know who they are without it. <…> “Kings” are those who always feel as if they must always prove something to outsiders or to themselves. <…> Those who always help others, because otherwise they will experience guilt that they cannot cope with.

There is also a theory that “King” means a common impostor syndrome, in which a person always feels not good enough for any business. In the video, “Poets” were given a victim complex, and “Soldiers” were given a superiority complex.

The Kings have impostor syndrome. They are full of doubts about themselves and their abilities, everything they do always seems not good enough, even if they exceeded all expectations.

Other netizens decided that the solution to the riddle with a huge number of “Kings” lies on the surface and has nothing to do with psychology. In their opinion, the test was poorly balanced, since it was not compiled by a professional psychologist.

It seems logical that the “King” fell out, and I’m kind of glad, but more than 64% of the loss is, of course, well, the test is either too poorly balanced, or every second one is a ruler in our country.

In addition, the author of Medialeaks conducted an experiment and found out that if you mark the first answer each time, then the “Poet” will fall out, every second – “Soldier”, and every third will bring the “King”. Perhaps the answer depends on which answer option the Internet user chooses most often.

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The participants of the flashmob offer to leave complex theories and just enjoy the aesthetics of the dark academy and the medieval vibe that the Soldier, Poet, King and trend quizzes are saturated with.

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