The meaning of the song «Sonne» by Rammstein

The meaning of the song «Sonne» by Rammstein songs

Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko once asked the Rammstein band to write a song to which he could effectively enter the ring in official fights. He was not familiar with any of these musicians, so someone from his team approached them. The Klitschko brothers are very popular in Germany, so the members of Rammstein happily got down to business and composed a composition with the working title Klitschko, which was later replaced by Sonne (“The Sun”).

But here’s the bad luck: Vitaly rejected the song. According to one version, it seemed to him too heavy (it is not clear what he expected from Rammstein?). According to another, he did not like some images from the text. In general, the elder Klitschko decided that the track The Best (“Best”) performed by Tina Turner would be more suitable for such a “garner lad” like him. Under it, he continued to clobber opponents, and Sonne remained out of work.

The history of creation and the meaning of the song Sonne – Rammstein

It is difficult to say how the history of the Sonne song would have developed if Vitali Klitschko had liked it, but even without that, her fate was successful.

It was released as the first single from the album “Mutter” and became one of the most popular Rammstein compositions, which the band performs at almost all concerts.

Video Sonne – Rammstein

A spectacular clip was filmed for Sonne, in which the musicians appear as dwarf miners worshiping the arrogant and cruel Snow White. They came up with the idea for the video when an old Disney cartoon was playing on TV in the studio and Sonne was playing in the same room.

At the same time, there were several dozen other topics for the video for the song Sonne. In one version, the band members were supposed to appear as the crew of the American Enola Gay aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. But still they decided to stop at the original interpretation of the fairy tale about Snow White.

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Paul Landers explained their choice:

The image of several outrageous and arrogant guys was fixed behind us, therefore at least once to appear before the public not in the form of criminals, but in the role of victims was a good idea.

And Christoph Schneider described the idea this way:

We decided to show the dark side of this fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, because it is, in fact, quite dark and cruel. We play the roles of dwarves who both worship and admire this woman, but also hate her, because Snow White forces them to work and get drugs for her. The price for us is the opportunity to admire its beauty.

As you understand, given who Sonne was written for, it is not worth looking for a connection between its text and the plot of the video. However, many music lovers, judging by the reviews on foreign music sites, have succeeded in this.

After the release of the Sonne video, the Rammstein group was accused of promoting drugs, about which Till Lindemann said:

Here it was just shown how the use of all kinds of filth can end. Drugs are glasses that a weak person puts on when he is afraid to face the difficulties of life.

And now we are watching a wonderful video clip of Sonne and once again enjoying a great song.

What does the song “Sonne” mean?

So, first let’s look at the history of the creation of the song. Vitali Klitschko, apparently inspired by the work of the group or for other reasons, wanted Rammstein to write a song for him personally. Under this composition, he was going to go to official fights, but when the song was finished and presented to the customer, so to speak, Klitschko Sr. for some reason considered that the composition did not suit him and chose the song of another artist in a toga. This decision also influenced the development of Rammstein’s composition, the name and even a little text were changed. Initially, the song was called “Klitschko”, but after the boxer refused to use it, it became known as “Sonne”, which means the Sun.

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The text has not changed significantly, and in general one can understand its original message. It’s about the sun, the soloist says that he has it in his hands, but he can control it. This celestial body is aware of its extraordinary power and the danger that it can cause to others, but asks people around to be brave enough, and then it will not harm anyone around. However, in the last lines of the couplet, which is repeated twice almost without changes, the hero warns that the sun may not set today. And then everyone “counts to ten”, how this countdown from the song will end is clearly not clear – maybe the death of all life on earth, or maybe, on the contrary, eternal life.

The video was filmed for the song after the story with Vitali Klitschko, that is, after he refused to use the composition during his appearances in the ring, for this reason it is unlikely that it will be possible to find a connection with this story in the video clip. In general, according to the members of the group and the director, there were not just a lot of plot options for the video, but about 40. They don’t really talk about what other ideas there were, except for the one that was eventually implemented, but it is known for sure that among the ideas was option to tell the story of Hiroshima. It wouldn’t be too surprising or extravagant for the band, as they often show the most embarrassing and scary moments of history in their work.

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However, in the end, the video tells an alternative story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, where the dwarfs were played by the band members themselves, and the Russian model Yulia Stepanova became the face of Snow White. It is no coincidence that in this case the expression “Snow White’s face”, because the body of this heroine did not belong to the actress, but to the basketball player Robert, where later the model’s face was added using computer graphics. The dwarves work every day, extracting cocaine for Snow White, although according to one version it is gold dust. And in return, workers have the opportunity to admire the beauty. Lead singer Till Lindemann admitted in an interview that fans are accustomed to seeing Rammstein members aggressive and ruling in videos, so this time they became victims.

It turns out that in general the meaning of the song is slightly different from the content of the video, but only at first glance, the composition as a whole tells about the danger of getting burned from unearthly beauty, because the unfortunate gnomes suffered greatly from attachment to Snow White. According to the clip, they are her slaves.

Write in the comments what meaning of the song Rammstein Sonne you see.

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