The meaning of the song «Space Song» by Beach House

The meaning of the song «Space Song» by Beach House songs

This song, the creation of the American musical duo Beach House, founded at the beginning of the 21st century, seems to plunge us into the depths of space and into the secrets of the human soul. No wonder the film crew of Josh Boone included it in the soundtrack that accompanies the film adaptation of the cult novel by Stephen King “Confrontation”.

Recorded in 2015 for the band’s fifth studio album, Depression Cherry, Space Song literally “blew up” social networks, becoming a TikTok hit, a “character” of videos and memes. “She made me cry,” both romantic girls and men who are not prone to sentimentality repeat, defining the mood of Space Song as “a smile through tears.” But this happened only six years after the release of the album, which thus gained a second life and became a bestseller.

“It all started with a video that appeared on the networks in 2021,” music lovers recall. “It was the story of an unknown person who dropped a glass of milk and suddenly burst into inconsolable tears, as if his life had just been shattered.” This sad episode, as if taken from a sentimental film, was accompanied by music from the Space Song track. Regulars of social networks wondered how events would develop in the future, recalled proverbs suitable for the occasion, such as “no need to shed tears over spilled milk” and created their own videos, the number of which by the fall of 2022 exceeded 250 million.

All of America listened to and hummed Space Song, from housewives to students, from New York taxi drivers to political observers who forgot about squabbles among ministers and congressmen and turned into romantic dreamers. Within weeks, the Space Song cult had crossed the ocean, becoming an international phenomenon. The uncomplicated song has been compared to the philosophical masterpieces of Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick, revealing depths in this song that were originally unknown to its creators.

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According to Beach House musicians, the massive interest in the Space Song single has generated a new surge of interest in the band itself among music lovers of all ages, nationalities and professions. “We were besieged with messages, young people hearing our name for the first time and longtime fans eager to learn something new about our plans and our new products,” they tell reporters. – They were looking for secret meanings in the song, asking what philosophical currents we are inspired by and what events we experienced at the time of the creation of the single, so we urgently had to come up with suitable answers, creating new meanings. We did not even suspect that we would find ourselves in the status of gurus, whose advice is expected like manna from heaven!

What does this song tell about, translated into all languages ​​of the world, including Hebrew, Uzbek and Japanese? This is a confession of a longing heart, a young girl who has just experienced the bitterness of a great loss and again found the strength to return to the real world. The despair in which she had just been is compared to the starless emptiness of the dead of night, in which all complaints and sounds are drowned. Suddenly, a light flashes in this abyss – a herald of hope and new life.

The girl turns to an address unknown to us, who also needs support and consolation, in the presence of a loved one nearby. Most likely, this is her lover, maybe her brother or close friend. “I am here, I am next to you,” the singer recalls, fearing to say an extra word, otherwise the fragile world surrounding Him and Her will shatter into weightless pieces, like a weightless Christmas ball that looks like a distant planet.

The girl is ready to wait until the broken heart of her friend is healed and a smile appears on his lips again. She seems to conjure fate, asking herself whether she is doing the right thing or making an irreparable mistake. Maybe the broken universe she’s trying to recreate with her singing will never come back together? Maybe the young man she is addressing will never find his only one, will forever feel lonely, and the world, which has gone out of a rut, will never return to its place?

“It’s like someone is lulling you to sleep, singing a lullaby they heard in childhood,” listeners share their impressions. “Like a faded school diary found among old things with a declaration of love embedded in it, making the heart beat even years later.” Fans of experiments have found that this soundtrack goes well with both the masterpieces of the “big” cinema, and with the works of arthouse or the creations of anime masters. And even if you put it on an amateur video, you get an effect that just explodes the heart.

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