The meaning of the song «Swan Song» by Dua Lipa

The meaning of the song «Swan Song» by Dua Lipa songs

Dua Lipa is a famous British singer of Kosovo origin. At the age of fourteen, she discovered YouTube and realized that this is a great platform to find like-minded people, share her talent with the world, and give people positive emotions. On this video hosting, she first began to upload her covers of songs by Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado.

In 2015, she signed with Warner Bros. records. Thus began her ascent to the heights of the global music industry. The singer continues to release albums and singles, which are often noted by various critics and publications, leaving mostly positive reviews and reviews. In many ways, her work was influenced by famous pop artists of that time. Dua Lipa also listened to her father’s music a lot. The future singer grew up in a creative family, which strongly encouraged and supported her hobbies. At the age of 15, Dua Lipa moved to London to focus on writing music and developing her career as a professional model.

Being a creative person, Lipa often experiments with styles and looks. She collaborates with many famous musicians and producers. Dua Lipa is also involved in charity work. In 2016, together with her father, she created a fund to help the people of Kosovo.

On December 17, 2018, it was announced that Lipa would be recording a song titled “Swan Song” for Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel. It became known that most likely the song will be released before the release of the film, namely on February 14, 2019. Dua Lipa presented the cover of the song, thereby fueling the interest of the public. After that, she continued to discuss the composition on social networks. Active PR company

“Swan Song” was released to various music platforms on January 24, 2019 through Warner Bros. Records as the lead single from the film’s soundtrack. Later, the song began to sound on the radio. Dua Lipa, inspired by Alita, wanted the listeners to find a part of themselves in the main character, be inspired to do good deeds and understand how important it is to show care and mercy to people around.

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The song immediately gained the love of the public. The signature “airy” vocals of the singer, combined with a groovy, “bringing to life” rhythm, immediately won the hearts of fans, for whom the composition became an integral part of the film. Although Dua Lipa spoke about the independence of “Swan’s Song”, that this is a full-fledged single that should be awarded public attention, for many this composition is associated with Alita. However, this “attachment to the picture” had a good effect on the popularity of the singer and the sales of her music in general. The single charted on numerous music charts and was certified Silver by the BPI.

A separate place in the history of this composition is occupied by a clip. The video was critically acclaimed. The action takes place in the world of Alita. Like the picture, the video is imbued with the spirit of “a dead world in which nothing will ever be the same again.” The audience liked this match very much. In the video, Lipa meets the real Alita, who teaches the singer how to fight. However, the meaning of the clip is not so simple. Training in martial arts implies vitality and some hidden strength that is in each of us. Alita, who discovers in herself abilities that others cannot, teaches us all about purpose. This clip shows the viewer that each person is unique and strong in their own way. You just need to look carefully.

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Gradually, from the meaning of the video, you can move on to the main thing – to the idea that the song “Swan Song” carries. Since the composition is completely inspired by the film, its meaning is closely intertwined with the content of the picture. “I find parts of myself in her too – her cocky personality and the same haircut. Alita is a film about empowerment and standing up for who you are, and those two things resonate strongly with me,” the singer later admitted. Such an attitude to her work, such penetration endowed the song with a special meaning, an idea that, as the reader has already noted, is primarily close to the performer.

In her song, Dua Lipa touches on the theme of new beginnings, fear of the unknown and inner self-confidence. The main character of the film helped, fought for the lives of marginalized people. The singer wrote a composition about the fact that society constantly needs to be reminded of the ideals in which they firmly believe. The song also touches on the theme of injustice and cruelty of the world.

In the lines: “I, I can’t lie / I’m afraid to open my eyes / After all, what if I find nothing at all / Nothing at all,” the singer just shows the fear that sometimes grips many people. Dua Lipa also talks about the importance of human opinion. “But I will not be silent, I will not be silent / Because silence is synonymous with death” – in these lines we see what goals the singer pursues, what life ideals she follows. Silence for her is equal to death. It can be seen that the singer cares deeply about the rights and freedoms of people, and the silence or denial of any atrocities for her is perhaps the worst and most shameful thing in the world.

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As in the video, an important place is given to the theme of self-realization and mutual understanding. Alita, who was forced to believe in her strength, was able to become strong, remembered and understood her true destiny. It is the same in our world: it is important to believe in one’s own strengths, and those who give up, thinking about their insignificance, need to be helped to believe in their exclusivity and capabilities. Thus, Dua Lipa raises several social problems in her song at once. Often, society does not even try to notice in a person a person who is able to think differently and feel what many have not thought about. The singer in her composition speaks about the importance of supporting a person. Sometimes you just need to take a closer look at yourself, at those around you, and you will immediately understand that life is multifaceted and endlessly magnificent with its kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings.

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