The meaning of the song «Wine Pon You» by Doja Cat

The meaning of the song «Wine Pon You» by Doja Cat songs

The song “Wine pon you” was created by the group “Doja Cat” in March 2018.

The story of this song is the story of female energy and the feminine, simple, pagan, unadorned, with a hurricane dance and sweat on the skin. The song calls the listener into the dark labyrinths of femininity and this call is hard to resist.

This is a song about attraction, about flirting, about dancing and the power that music and dance have over people. The heroine of the track is not in love, she just dances, seduces and is very good at it.

“I ain’t got my eye on you, ain’t been hypnotized by you, yeah,” says the heroine. She is not looking for a permanent relationship and is not easy to impress. She enjoys life here and now.

“Ain’t in here tryna find my dude, I take it you just like the way I wine pon you”, – the heroine not only herself is not interested in anything more than a light flirtation or a one-night stand, she knows that the guy she impressed is on the same wavelength. “You just got hooked on my dance,” she winks as if and that’s all that matters to her at the moment.

“How I wine pon you, how I wine pon you, the way I wine pon you, how I wine pon you”, – she herself, frankly, is delighted with how she dances, how she moves and what impression she makes on her viewer. Music – rhythm – admiration: in every word of the chorus you can hear exactly this. This is a party song, a flirting song.

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“The way I wine pon you, yeah, take it you just like the way I wine pon you” – it is very easy to imagine a hot summer night, neon lights, the smell of the sea and southern spices. The dance captures, the girl sees what the guy likes and enjoys it: “Take it you just like the way I wine pon you, yeah”. Over and over again, she repeats that the guy likes the way she dances, and she likes it too.

Then, along with the heat of the party, the song itself heats up. Overtly sexual images are used: “You can catch her in the Vogue or Hustler magazine, young red bitch, pussy wet, five screens”. Yes, it’s getting hot. The heroine describes herself as a guy fascinated by the dance sees her: red-haired, fashionable as if from a magazine cover, and ready to offer something more substantial than a seductive dance.

“Yeah, yeah, pop that like Ginkgo biloba, that booty don’t need no more soda”, the fun already resembles the elements, the same unbridled and unstoppable. The hot dance of the heroine of the track is capable of melting all the ice in the Arctic.

“Too hot, now this boy don’t need no more doja, leg on the seat, that’s a photo”, — the heroine’s dance is full of eroticism and temptation. We see the verbal expression of this picture: a leg on an armchair, a freeze-frame, colored with party lights. The guy is hot, he cannot take his eyes off the dancing girl.

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“See that you focused, if there’s no room, boy, we squeeze in the corner”, – the heroine offers to retire, while saying that if there is no free room, a secluded corner will do. It’s scary to even imagine what is happening at this moment with the one she wants to seduce!

“Way that he talking, you think that he know her, hold up”, – the guy says something, but the girl does not want to talk. For her, this is just a fling at a party, and such frankness makes the track itself sparkle and sparkle. Looseness and flirting are almost on the verge of a foul.

“See baby, this for the night, I won’t see you tomorrow,” and again she is discouragingly honest. If not for the party atmosphere, such honesty might be scary, but here everything is in order and everything is in its place: a holiday, kisses, love for one night. And in the morning no one will regret anything.

“Yeah, but when I dance here, boy you better man up, be like a museum, got you looking, boy you can’t touch”, – the girl seduces, teases: look but don’t touch, don’t lose your head, pull yourself together. Both know that this is only part of the game, the rule of which is a drunken night party.

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“Yeah, I got him speaking, got him geeking, tie them hands up, tappin to the beat, you wanna freak her” – the heroine lifts the veil a little on how it all ended, and yes, it was hot.

“’Cause she random, know you got your girl here, looking for your ass, run”, – the seduced guy probably has a permanent girlfriend. The one who danced him crazy, fickle and changeable, and now it’s time to run because “your girlfriend is looking for you.” A very sharp and piquant twist – the listener sees not only casual sex at a hot party, but also a piece of drama, but that, as they say, is another story for another track.

“Faking that you loyal, boy, you playing with her passion, even when the beat slow, I shake a lil’ faster” miss a single random affair. But our heroine does not mind, this is what she is waiting for, she only needs dance, rhythm, music and admiration.

“Twerking on the speaker, know you need her in your fan club,” when it’s over, she just keeps dancing.

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