The meaning of the song «Zeit» by Rammstein

The meaning of the song «Zeit» by Rammstein songs

The song Rammstein is known for its songs, which most often carry some kind of message, have an unusual meaning and often people have to figure out what exactly they mean. The authors not only inspired a special meaning in the song, but also in the video. The clip is perceived in a special way today, because it tells about the war. This is actually a heavy ballad about the time allotted to a person, it is also shown that the events that occur in the past are cyclical, they are repeated. The first shots show people who, while on the high seas in a boat, die after they encounter a dark figure, personifying death and mother in one person.

At the beginning of the video, the musicians are floating in the water, as if dead. From that moment on, time flows forward and backward. This is followed by scenes in which the musicians can be seen, in particular, as soldiers with rifles and in uniform. The clip begins with sad piano notes and angelic voices, and then sawy guitars, typical of Rammstein, begin. Over this, Lindemann sings about time: ” Zeit Bitte bleib steh’n, bleib steh’n” ( Time, please stop, stop ) and ” Zeit, es soll immer so weitergehen ” ( Time, let it go on and on ). The meaning of the clip, as you might guess, is the transience of time and life in general and the impossibility of avoiding death.

In less politically turbulent times, this song, rather ballad by Rammstein’s standards, could be read as a general requiem, perhaps even as a personal farewell anthem. Even after the release of the last untitled album, there were rumors that the band might break up soon. However, in the light of events, the images of soldiers take on a different, more relevant meaning, which was hardly intended, since the production process for such a complex video is very long.

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When, at the end, a farmer in a straw hat in warm autumn colors sees his little daughter run towards the sinister figure of death – and cannot stop her – the pumping pathos of the music and images of the desperation of the father, who falls to his knees in golden ears of corn, create that unsettling horror , which Rammstein always evokes with his videos (recall, for example, the phantasmagoria “Deutschland” dedicated to concentration camp prisoners).

The history of the creation of the song “Zeit”

The clip was not realized in one day, it tells about certain events, information is provided that is related to the war in general, and to the lives of individuals. Everyone can interpret the song and video in different ways, depending on how he sees what is happening, but there is also a special version from the author. As for the song itself, Rammstein presented it as an anti-war single. There are many parallels here from the current situation in the world and military events.

The clip aims to change the steps, shows that there is a ray of hope even for those who take up arms. All people make mistakes in life, which shows the spiral of time. The events flow seamlessly from people shooting at each other to children playing war with wooden shelves.The meaning of the song and video "Zeit" - Rammstein

It is difficult to say who initiated the creation of the composition and the video, the handwriting of Till Lindemann himself is guessed in the video. There is no mention of an album, although in fact the group was not even going to perform songs together anymore. Many focused on the scale of filming, on combined plans, it is clear that this song was planned for a long period, and was not shot urgently. Strange as it may seem, events resonate with today’s, there are many appeals to myths, legends, religions, and classics.

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Interesting facts about the song “Zeit”

The band has officially stated that it supports Ukraine and that the musician helps refugees at the train station in Berlin and personally takes part in the lives of women and children who had to leave the country. But at the same time, there is no statement that this song was written specifically about this situation.

In any case, it is difficult to understand the meaning of the pension, it is an intricate ballad about the course of life, about the inevitability of death, about war and aggression. As you know, all the pages of historical events are repeated, and the clip fully shows this idea. The main idea in the film is Time to stop. To save life on earth, you have to stop life completely. There are many mysterious images here.

On the eve of the release of the single, the group recorded an appeal in three languages. The fact is that all members of the group have connections with the countries of the conflict, but they understand that the fans of both countries can be in a difficult situation, and it is important that they survive this period and unite.

The meaning of the song “Zeit”

The apocalypse in the picture is reflected in the fact that a horrific picture is observed at the very beginning, when all the children who are born are immediately ready for death and the capture of souls awaits them. The video is completely pessimistic, it points to people who could not escape the hurricane. However, there is hope that the steps of people will be treason at the very beginning.

You can perceive the clip as a separate creation, you can not pay attention to the fact that it has a political coloring. However, the military theme is the main idea of ​​the clip and composition, thanks to the game with time, thoughtful images, the clip demonstrates the fact that the war that is now taking place between the warring ones has already existed before, but in the image of the game.

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Children in childhood play war and shoot, but time and death are merciless anyway. Even children grow up in the future, still quickly grow old and die. Young people who are not in the war are also dying because of the essence of time. The metaphor of the song is the river of time that catches all lives and takes them irreversibly. The song tries to warn the world from horrors, diseases, warrior. Throughout the entire clip there is an atmosphere of a gloomy situation, it is more and more forced with each frame, the ideas of this clip are pessimistic.

All events are repeated on earth, the clip begins with death and ends with birth. But in fact, the newborn is destined for an early death, regardless of how the situation around the world develops. When wars are stopped, only then can life develop on earth, otherwise it may no longer be necessary.

It is impossible to find salvation from death, in any case, both the song and the video have the deepest meaning, and tell us that everything that is created by human hands will still be oppressed, because time does not imply mercy. It is also clear that no matter how a person tries to fight against time, he will never win. This is the meaning of human essence and life in general.

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