What does the song “At Last” mean?

What does the song “At Last” mean? songs

The song at last etta james has long been known and loved by everyone for half a hundred years. However, not everyone knows that it is a romantic ballad about passing the time of loneliness and a girl finally having a relationship. This song has become a favorite for many wedding ceremonies. It was written for the movie 41, Sun Valley Serenade. However, later on, the producer said that this song was better saved as there were already enough romantic songs in this movie, so the song was used for the picture Bandwagon Wives.

History of the creation of the song At last

The ballad in the film was played by the famous actors John Payne or At last, accompanied by Glenn Miller’s orchestra. There were covers of this song immediately, the cover version was a huge success, but a performance was found that really made this song perfect. The song waited 20 years for its success and it was American Etta Jamese with her husky bluesy vocals that made this song worthwhile. She made it more popular, and it became less sweet but more passionate.

The song immediately reached number two on the U.S. Arenby charts, but on the regular charts it was number 47. It was the version that became canon, the version that is played at wedding ceremonies. The story of the song, however, is that the singer once took offense at Barack Obama. When the inauguration ball was held in 2009, it was not James who sang the song, but the young, trendy singer Beyoncé. It was she who sang the song as the president danced with his wife. Etta James spoke directly on the occasion, she stated that Obama is not her president, the woman who sang the song should be spanked. She felt that Beyoncé simply ruined its canonical version.

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Since the 60’s this song has just become Etta James’ calling card, for half a century this song became her staple, many people recognized her just by her vocals from this song. James got her niche in ’93, the singer took her place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, before there were only Janis Joplin and Baker. In addition to the main film for which it was composed, the song was also heard in such films as American Pie, Rain Man. On the project Dancing with the Stars, Etta James was the one who demonstrated how this song should be performed. As for James in general, she had a difficult fate. Her mother was not a good mother, because she disappeared very often with new suitors. Her aunt and uncle, after whom the girl got her last name, took care of her.

The girl grew up practically without her mother, but in adolescence, she still got along with her, it was during this period, she moved to San Francisco. She organized a vocal trio, although the principles of singing she learned at age 5, when an experienced teacher told her that she should sing as if her life depended on it. What matters is vocal fire, so at the age of five Etta learned a range of vocal variations.

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The meaning of the song.

James’ recordings show that she performed, all songs with passion, which is why the song found an unforgettable sound on the album. The album has echoes of different styles, these include blues and rhythmic melodies. The title song of the album has followed James all her life, it has been as popular as possible, and even in her mature years, she has performed it many times at various events. The song is a true love ballad, telling us how important it is to find a mate for ourselves and finally settle down when one knows one is experiencing reciprocal love, can pursue one’s dreams with a person. The song is a special tribute to love, which is why it remains popular to this day. Many have managed to dance the first dance of the newlyweds exactly to this tune and to the performance of Etta James. The song has forever remained in people’s hearts and received special approval from the public.

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Everyone at least once in his life has heard a love song in which a girl shares her feelings, says that finally her loneliness has come to an end and she is happy to find a beloved person with whom she will share all sorrows and tragedies. The song immerses us in a trembling sweet love, in the life of a man who has found peace in life, who does not worry about the future.

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