What does the song “Cold Heart – Elton John” mean?

What does the song “Cold Heart - Elton John” mean? songs

Singer Elton Hercules John is known and loved by more than one generation of listeners in different countries of the world. This musician is talented in everything: from excellent singing to virtuoso playing musical instruments. The performer plays in the pop-rock genre, and his musical career began back in 1962. For his incredible talent and great contribution to the development of music, Elton John was awarded many prestigious awards and the honorary state title “Sir”. On account of his five-time receipt of the Grammy Award, two Oscars and Golden Globes, as well as a Tony.

Elton John is one of the most significant figures in the light sub-genre of rock music. The peak of his popularity falls on the 70s, however, even today the performer is known and spoken all over the world. The musician personally saw decades of active development of rock and pop music and combined in his work the best that is in a variety of musical genres. The rich discography of the singer has a wide variety of compositions, each of which has a special meaning. To date, Elton John has released more than thirty studio albums and continues to be actively involved in both musical creativity and charity.

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The song “Cold Heart” was recorded by the musician together with the famous singer Dua Lipa in mid-2021. The track was a resounding success: with it, Dua Lipa won first place in the prestigious chart for the fifth time in her career, and Elton John was awarded the championship for the eighth time in the long years of his work. It is noteworthy that since 2005 this track has gained the most popularity among all the singer’s compositions.

For the first time, the news that Elton John may be collaborating with Dua Lipa leaked into the media space shortly before the release of the song. Until recently, the performers hid from the general public the fact that they were preparing a joint masterpiece. After this news, the artists indirectly confirmed this fact: in the comments on social networks, Elton wrote to Dua Lipa that he was worried about what had happened between them, and the singer replied that she was no less worried. Such comments became a very cunning PR move and fueled public interest in the song, which was about to be released. The song was recorded with the electronic band PNAU, who remixed the track.

The song is a remix of several Elton John compositions released in the last century. The chorus for the track was performed by Dua Lipa. At the 50th Anniversary American Music Awards, Cold Heart was named Best Collaboration of 2021. The award was more than well-deserved: it is difficult to imagine a more interesting and successful joint song from two seemingly completely different authors.

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The song tells about the most severe mental pain, from which the heart seemed to turn to stone and became completely cold, insensible. The composition tells about the range of emotions that love can bring to a person. Being deeply in love, we can experience euphoria and an inexpressible temptation from the surging feelings. However, in our passionate impulses, we can go too far, so much so that then we cannot imagine our life without a lover or beloved. Then we can pay for our love, which instead of positive emotions will bring severe mental suffering.

The song cannot but evoke feelings of sadness and regret. In the chorus, the idea is clearly traced that it is never too late to confess your feelings, even if it makes us a little vulnerable. “Cold Heart” can be seen as a call to always be open with those we truly love. You need to overcome your fears and feelings of insecurity, and this will be rewarded with joint happiness.

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The composition “Cold Heart” by Elton John and Dua Lipa is inextricably linked with various themes of love and understanding. For true Elton John fans, it will be an opportunity to enjoy your favorite songs in a completely new way. And young listeners will be able to appreciate all the charm of the compositions of a wonderful and versatile author, whose work does not age at all over the years!

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