What does the song “Crystal Castles – Untrust Us” mean?

What does the song “Crystal Castles - Untrust Us” mean? songs

Many people choose songs not only because of their melodic sounds, but also because of the words that remind them of life events, or seem to be the most interesting and educational. Many song plots truly introduce us to a certain area, we get the opportunity to study the song, immerse ourselves in the thoughts of the author.

Features of song writing

The song Untrust us by Crystal Castles is a kind of warning song, it warns us about the consequences of drug addiction, namely cocaine. The song was released more than 15 years ago, but the public’s interest in it has awakened just now, because it suddenly began to actively spread on TikTok and other platforms. Short videos are released with the words from this song.

The performer is known as the author of electronic music, the group began to exist in 2006, it was popular in certain circles. The singer managed to release 4 albums over 11 years of existence, including many singles and remixes. The unusual sound pleased me, it resonated, but then the group became more understandable to the public. In 2017, the group completely broke up, with the vocalist accusing Eaton of harassment and psychological pressure. In turn, Ethan filed libel suits against the girl.

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The song continues to be popular, and there are a variety of songs that will appeal to many. Interestingly, the song is written in English and Spanish. However, even those who are fluent in these languages cannot fully understand all the words, and only by opening the text of the composition can one see several repeated lines. The main phrases are that there is nothing good in cocaine for you, it is harmful to your health.

Based on the tonality that conveyed the words of this song, the general meaning becomes clear. The chant has a special frightening melody, it puts everything in its place. Despite the fact that there is a certain melody, it is difficult to call this music a full-fledged composition. The playing of instruments enhances the dark feeling and the song as a whole is perceived as something dark, sad, that happens beyond the boundaries.

The main idea that the song carries within itself, which lies on the surface of the lyrics. Drug use is scary for both the individual and society as a whole. This shows the other side of the high, that is, what is hidden behind the visible sensations of euphoria. The performers convey that the despair and fear that a person experiences when looking for a new dose, when the feeling of euphoria disappears. All this comes to the fore for everyone who starts using drugs.

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The meaning of the song

A trend on social networks made the song popular again, here we are initially shown a frightening picture, a drawing, and below are the characters of the game as screamers. As for the musical accompaniment, a certain line from the song shows accelerating events. There are many videos that were filmed, they all carry certain personal meanings.

Different pictures appear in these videos; there is always scary music, an image that can shock everyone. This song is kind of psychedelic, it has a special interpretation of drug influence. The song shows exactly how to perceive reality if you are in a state of drug intoxication, this song carries the main message. This has a detrimental effect on the person as a whole, and most importantly, on his mental state.

He experiences a constant feeling of fear, he has attachment, he is afraid of being left without drugs. His entire reality is distorted and perceived as something terrible and sad. Everyone should understand that it is cocaine that carries the maximum amount of negativity; it negatively affects human development. Don’t think that drugs are just temporary entertainment and you can quickly give them up. In fact, giving up them is almost impossible; everyone should understand this before starting to use drugs again and again. The song has become popular again and again we are shown all the consequences that a person can experience while using drugs.

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