What does the song “Deftones – Change” mean?

What does the song “Deftones - Change” mean? songs

The song has long been known and popular, but it raises questions among many people. The fact is that the author of Change Deftones talks very mysteriously about changes, namely how changes occurred in the life of a loved one. Perhaps the singer Thomas was inspired by the film The Fly – this is a classic sci-fi horror film that all Americans know, so the creation of this song was largely predetermined.

The history of the song

The Deftons are actually an alt rock band from Sacramento that was around in the late 80s. She released several albums, they had a very long pause, but in 2020 a new album was released. Consequently, the new Deftones song hit the top billboard chart, reaching number three on the UK rock metal chart. To date, this is one of the group’s best hits; even films included this song on their TV soundtracks. It was mentioned that it is famous and popular, so many are interested in what its meaning is and want to fully understand the main plot of the song.

The song is metaphorical, a story about karma, about transformation. The song talks about how he watched the person he sang to change, how his soul became completely different. The singer also says that a person did not truly live until this metamorphosis happened to him. It becomes clear that the transformation talks about the difficulties of personal growth. Everything was complicated, it was very difficult, the person was taken home, his wings were torn off, that is, the process of rebirth was as painful and unpleasant as possible.

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The man gained self-confidence, the ability to fly, he was able to reveal his potential. The song carries exactly this message, and talks about how a person began to feel alive. Essentially, we have the main character of the song, who allegorically goes through some kind of transformation. We are told that he finally felt alive, he felt that everything could be achieved, he had new goals and strength. As soon as the man began to feel freedom, he was immediately put in prison and his wings were torn off.

The meaning of the song

The person immediately becomes squeezed in a vice, the source of joy has been taken away from him, and the vocalist himself actually laughs. The meaning of the song Change Deftones is precisely that every person is subject to influence from the outside and will be suppressed, his joyful moments taken away. The main thing is to maintain your love for life and skillfully survive all troubles. This is an opportunity to come back again and experience all the joy of life. The song is allegorical, a brief content runs through it and a certain sequence of events is observed.

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If we consider the third verse, it becomes clear that the vocalist implies that the addressee has met fate. He was able to survive, come to terms with it, and re-experience the joy that is close to him. He felt a surge of happiness and realized that he could be truly happy, no matter what. The main thing is to learn to experience terrible moments and believe that everything is gradually changing.

Of course, the song raised questions among many, it is difficult to explain, and a number of incomprehensible moments arise, but after the singer himself explained the main meaning, it becomes clear that each verse carries a certain essence, it tells part of the storyline .

The plot of the song reads like a fantasy about a place; it is a special story of justice. Initially, the course of events is not described as planned, but then it becomes clear what exactly was meant and what moment is the most important. Many are misled by the title of the song, that is, the changes that need to happen. In fact, the story here is not about change as such, it is a certain fantasy that could lead to this plot.

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This is a special story of justice. The vocalist initially presents this topic incorrectly; he ends up in the wrong place about which he spoke. His friend was a victim, but in reality he remains unperturbed, he accepts events without problems, and remains as cheerful and full of life as ever.

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