What does the song “Deftones – Sextape” mean?

What does the song “Deftones - Sextape” mean? songs

The musical group “Deftones” is quite fruitful and well-known in its field of creativity. In 1988, a band was founded that specialized in various genres of metal. The change in the composition and the search for their own path led to changes in the genres used. In turn, this led to the formation of a special sound of their songs. Eight albums of their songs show the success of their experimental activities. Traditional heavy metal in the band’s work is diluted with the influence of The Cure, Tool, Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More.

“Sextape” was recorded at a difficult time for the band. A severe accident with the band’s bassist led to the halt of work on the album and the start of work on another project, which was the sixth album “Diamond Eyes”. That’s where this song came in.

The new album was created as a positive enough creation not to show the band’s problems.

The musical composition “Sextape” is a ballad with a soft structure and imagery. However, it cannot be said that the songs of this group are for optimists. All their songs are difficult to perceive, both in terms of musical and textual components. Still, this group works in a style that does not accept softness of sound.

The emotional and stylish vocals of the performer can evoke the necessary emotions for full inclusion in the rhythm.

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At the beginning of “Sextape” there is a sad and calm rhythmic of guitar losses. The artist’s sad vocals appear. The vocalist sets emotions that one cannot but feel.

In the first verses of the composition, our attention is drawn by allegories that the performer, addressing the audience, is far from the earth. It is surrounded by water, which is constantly changing, and there is no constancy in it. It is the ocean in its impermanence and variability far from the earth that creates the conditions for harmony with its dreams. Already from the first lines it can be noted that this composition is a bit lyrical, considering relationships with the opposite sex.

In “Sextape” the performer deals with the issue of perception of one’s own sexuality. Accepting it in all its features will allow you to create a sense of comfort in your sexual expression. This is what the second verse hints at, in which the absorbing ocean makes it possible to see the charms of a partner. At the same time, temptation continues for hours of pleasure.

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The performer calls not to feel shame in the process of sexual pleasure, the study of one’s own feelings. The performer asks to cover him with a wave of these sensations again so that he goes crazy.

It is necessary to accept yourself and your inner desires, to be courageous in following your desires. Using for this a reference to the sound of the surf, in which the night is a walk.

At the words of parting, tears may well up in the eyes of the listener. The long hours of the night end with a walk through the city at night. Here you can see some regret that they may be beginning to part. After all, every walk ends with parting. This is exactly what the performer regrets in the last lines of his song. Remembering before parting this night, during which their places about the merging of bodies were fulfilled.

The song fills us with contentment and enthusiasm. Despite the peculiar musical accompaniment, the composition can be called a rather lyrical song with separate love motives. Let the love line be present here in the form of showing sexual relations between partners, but the very choice of words and the general motive indicate that here sexuality is almost close to being translated into love. Although, who knows what the author had in mind when he wrote these lines.

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This musical composition in all its diversity and originality is a call to enjoy life, all the pleasures that are present in it, regardless of their nature. “Sextape” is a slow track found on every album by the band. Heavy and melodic music completely captures you and excites you with its motives.

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