What does the song “Florence and the Machine — Dog Days are Over” mean?

What does the song “Florence and the Machine — Dog Days are Over” mean? songs

“Dog Days are Over” is a famous song created by the musical group Florence and the Machine. The song was released back in 2008, but its popularity has not diminished over the years. So, today many users make short videos with it. In its time, this single topped the charts in different countries and was heard on many streaming services.

First of all, the song catches the listener’s attention with its unobtrusive and melodic sound. It reminds us of something distant and beautiful, of the carefree times of our life. No less attention of English-speaking fans was aroused by its upbeat lyrics. Let’s find out the meaning of the track Dog Days are Over.

About the band

Rock band Florence and the Machine has been existing since 2007. Its head is Florence Leontane Mary Welch, who has been involved in music since her early years. Isabella Summers, known under the pseudonym “Machine”, also played an important role in the band’s development at all stages of their creativity.

Over the many years of its existence, the band has managed to win many awards and receive widespread recognition from audiences around the world. The songs have an unusual style and more than once won the highest positions in the charts. It is thanks to the creation of non-trivial compositions the band was awarded so much attention of the public. The peculiarity of the song genre, magnificent quality of the music and lyrics full of sense – these are the reasons why we love Florence and the Machine so much.

History of the song’s creation

The song was one of the first in the band’s discography. It was recorded in a certain room, remotely resembling a studio. The title was taken from an art installation of the same name which Florence saw regularly. The producer and author of the melody for the song is the famous James Ford.

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Two years after the track was released, it was re-released. At the same time, a new music video was released. Florence admitted that the first music video was too cheap for such an important track.

The track was honored at the top of the U.S. charts, staying at the top of the charts for some time. In particular, in the Billboard chart it held the first place for some time. The song also gained attention in other countries, such as Belgium, Australia, and Ireland.

The main ideas of the composition

In a direct sense, the expression “dog days” means “dog days. However, in a figurative sense, it means “dark times. Thus, from the English language the title can be translated as “Gloomy times are over”.

The song carries several important ideas that everyone should think about. Consider the main motifs of the composition.

All bad things come to an end someday

The main point of the song Dog Days are Over is to give hope to people who are in a difficult situation in life. We must not give up and fight not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones. “Run faster for your father, run faster for your mother, run faster for your children, for your brothers and sisters,” that’s what the songwriter alludes to.

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The horses in this case act as a kind of driving force on the path to a new life. They make us run faster and faster, trying our best.

We need to put the past behind us.

Some events or values from the past rob us of the present and the future. “You can’t take it with you if you want to survive,” the song sings about it. Much of what seems valuable to us is in reality a heavy load that, when we let go, will make us feel a sense of relief. Don’t be afraid to let go of unnecessary people and change your beliefs-it will have a positive impact on your future life.

Happiness can come overnight.

Just like bad events, good things can come into our lives unexpectedly. Florence likens happiness to a rushing train and a flying bullet. It comes out of nowhere. So we should always be prepared to accept unexpected turns of fate with dignity: it is possible that they carry something joyful for us.

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The song Dog Days are Over is a brilliant composition. Its meaning is very simple and very valuable, especially for those who are in difficulty. There is always a way out of the worst of times – it’s important not to give up and try your best to find your true happiness. Even if something has to be sacrificed for it.

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