What does the song “Fun – We Are Young” mean?

What does the song “Fun - We Are Young” mean? songs

American indie pop rock band Fun. is interesting in that her composition “We Are Young” went through an unusual path to fame. The unusual thing about this path is that the cover version of the song appears after the live performance and the appearance of various remixes. The appearance of the composition “We Are Young” was not noticed by anyone. The single of the song almost imperceptibly slipped past the attention of the listeners. This composition would never have become famous, but there was a visit from the head of the Ramen label to the music producer of the series Glee with the track of the song. Initial distrust of the song changed after listening. The producer accepted this composition for inclusion in the series, regardless of its fame. And only six months after the release of the song, she sounded in the series and achieved her fame.

The composition “We Are Young” is a ballad obtained by merging several directions – indie pop, alternative rock and power pop. She was noted by many critics as a breakthrough in the musical direction of indie pop. Features of her performance attracted the attention of the audience. The video has received over 1 billion views on YouTube. The song also won a Grammy Award. Wide popularity allowed the composition to take first place in various music charts for a long time.

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Critics noted both the humor and the exciting motives of the composition. The general cheerfulness of the rhythms led to the fact that this work was recognized as an unexpected sensation of the year.

Considering “We Are Young” we can say that the song tells us about the freedom of a person in a particular moment. And it is a young man.

In the verses of the song, there are reflections on the nocturnal active life. The performer calls listeners to live life to the fullest. It is necessary to take advantage of the current moment, which provides opportunities.

The refrain of the song invites listeners to burn brighter than the sun, that is, to live in a bright and memorable way. The image of the bridge in this song is a plea that this busy night never ends. It also contains the desire for someone to take the performer home.

The whole song is an appeal to your partner. It should be noted that the performer inflicted scars on his partner, but now he is trying to get rid of them. Let his new girlfriend sit at the bar, but he communicates with her and promises to take her home if she feels unwell. In one of the verses, he draws attention to the fact that he wants to look for new ways to leave. However, their friends have returned from the bathroom and they continue to raise their glasses. Because the performer has found someone who will take him home today.

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All this is interspersed with constant references that they are young and it is necessary to light this world, to shine brighter than the sun. Let him ask to be taken home, but since the world is on the side of the performer, there is no reason to run away.

At the end of the song, the performer takes the one to whom he addresses home. This emphasizes the need to cherish every minute of our lives.

In some moments, one can see some dissatisfaction with its current state. Especially at the beginning of the song. From this point of view, the call to light up and be brighter is a certain desire to break out of the current problem, to break off the existing relationship. Moreover, the desire for a break appears in the performer only when they are left alone. And this desire or even desire to find someone who will take the performer home is a kind of response to his life. It may even be that the performer feels some dissatisfaction with his life. When only the surrounding people allow him to live and be filled with the meaning of life. However, this point of view is most likely only a small feature that frames the overall message of the song.

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Warm retro sound in the genre of light ballads was positively evaluated by the audience. An unusual way of coming to fame, as well as a large number of different parodies of the composition draw attention to the result of the work of the Fun. group. This song can be called a hymn, a call for relaxation and various pleasures. Even if you have scars, you can still rest and light yourself up brighter than the sun.

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