What does the song “Georgia “Disco farisco” mean?

What does the song “Georgia "Disco farisco” mean? songs

The song racked up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok in a matter of days, not to mention an incalculable number of enthusiastic comments and likes. “Super, a hundred times better than the original!” admire music lovers from all over the world, speaking different languages. “The guys play like gods, and the girl is a beauty, just a queen. You guys are the best!” Some citizens confuse the word Georgia and the name of a famous singer and direct compliments to her. In reality, Georgia in this case is translated not as a female name or as an American state, but as Georgia – a country whose natives are known for their musicality. True, they sing not in their native language, but in universal English, understandable everywhere – from London to Melbourne. In addition, a good third of the song’s lyrics are names that do not require translation.

But the names of the performers themselves remain unknown. All that is known about these guys and girl is their place of residence. This did not prevent the song with the rhyming, catchy name “Disco farisco” from almost equaling in popularity the composition of the Italian rock group The Colors, to which the original tune belongs. But if the meaning of the song “ItaloDisco” is clear to everyone who knows Italian or is at least familiar with its English translation, then the meaning of its re-singing in a new way eludes the most inquisitive minds.

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“Disco farisco” sounds like a short Italian phrase, something like the name of a restaurant that serves the best pizza in the world, or a song that boys and girls sing when going to a party or dance. But taken as a whole, the lyrics of the song are just a set of words in which the names of Elton John, Shakira, Bonnie M and other “stars” of the world stage are guessed, illuminating our hectic and often sad life with an enchanting light. Does it mean that the song “Disco farisco”, the name of which is similar to a children’s rhyme, and the text is like an outwardly simple rebus, but unsolved even by the sages, has no meaning?

History of the song “Disco farisco”

The young people singing this song say that the idea came to them one blessed summer evening, when they didn’t want to think about any worries or troubles and just enjoy life. Your favorite melody, which has just become a world hit, sounds in your head, a glass of wine in your hand, and friends nearby who understand you perfectly. In such an environment, thoughts flow measuredly and unhurriedly until a new idea dawns on you, forcing you to quickly write down the motive or words that come to mind. Just like Mendeleev, who dreamed of the table of periodic elements that made his name famous, or like Archimedes, who jumped out of the bath with a victorious cry of “Eureka! I found it!”

It is also known that the song “Disco farisco” was written no later than July 2023 – the month when the composition “ItaloDisco” topped the European and then world charts, giving rise to many imitations and covers. The creative debut of an anonymous group from Georgia exceeded all expectations – there are rumors that the guys are preparing to record their first album and are already receiving invitations to perform concerts.

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The meaning of the song “Disco farisco”

But even the most experienced linguists – scientists who have dedicated their lives to deciphering unknown languages – do not undertake to decipher the meaning of this composition. Taken individually, the words are understandable, but the rhymed text itself resembles a children’s rhyme or song, the main task of which is to express an excellent mood and set the rhythm in the game. Or “fish” – a term from the practice of songwriters, meaning a rhymed text that must correspond to an already written melody. The meaning of such a text can be simple, like an alphabet rhyme, or completely absent. All this does not matter – after all, the draft will later be replaced with professionally written poetry.

The performers of “Disco farisco” themselves avoid this delicate moment in silence, not claiming that they released a “fish” into the world, but also not refuting this version, which has already been dismantled “to the bones” by meticulous fans. “Even if it’s a fish, it turned out great,” professional musicians report. And ordinary music lovers, who have only a basic understanding of the specifics of songwriting, simply ask: “Write more!”

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