What does the song “Hymn of the weekend – Coldplay” mean?

What does the song “Hymn of the weekend - Coldplay” mean? songs

“Yay! Long live the weekend!” – Any one of us is ready to shout out on a Friday evening, anticipating the approach of things to do that we can devote to our own affairs or, at the very least, to chores around the house. The exceptions are people who are in love with their job, workaholics who don’t take days off, and those unlucky people who have to work on Saturdays because of their work schedule. So the point of this song written by Coldplay is to glorify the pleasures of the weekend?

Well, it is, except there’s nothing about a traditional family weekend with the kids at the zoo or a children’s movie, a trip to visit your parents, a play, a symphony concert, or any other high-spirited pastime. It is about the specific pleasures of drinking in good company, about the desire for a quick drink, or better yet, a bottle, and about what invariably comes afterwards.

History of the song “Hymn of the weekend”

The author of this song, singer of “Coldplay” Chris Martin, later said that the idea for the song came to his head in a nightclub, where they liked to drop in with the whole group, not only on weekends, but also after each successful gathering to celebrate the hit. Standing in line to the bar, the musician began to rhythmically repeat and then softly hum his usual proverb, “drinks on me”, Russian for “I pay for my drinks”, without noticing how he was developing the plot further.

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When he sang this motif to his friends, they insisted that Chris correct the grammar defects and that the song should be sung by a female voice that was more appropriate to the story of meeting an unearthly angelic creature in a bar. Thus, an unforgettable song was born, which immediately got into the top 20 hits in the US and Europe, and remains unchangeably popular up to the present day. The reason is in the well chosen melody, and in the “eternal” meaning of the lyrics, and also in the impressive contrast between the sense of the crude confession of the drunken hero and the gentle voice of Beyonce.

What is the meaning of the song “Hymn of the weekend”?

So this song is about a guy who shows up at his favorite bar and meets a charming girl who captivates his unyielding heart and seems to him like a gentle angel who came down from heaven. Unaccustomed to gallant treatment and pompous phrases, the hero could only offer the heavenly creature a drink on his account. He himself feels that he does not need a drink to feel he has ascended to the seventh heaven together with the belle who has conquered him. It is as if he can see heavenly scenery and hear the rustling of angel wings, even if the music is thundering and the drunken revelers are clattering around.

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He feels that he has met his angel of consolation, the creature who has inspired him in the days of success, comforted and encouraged him in times of trouble and has always been at his side. We do not know who this girl from the bar is and whether she deserves such ardent feelings, and most importantly – a frank confession in front of everyone. Maybe she really is an unearthly creature who appeared in this rough world and accidentally “landed” at the bar counter, maybe she is a con artist or a professional hunter for men, or maybe she just wanted to get her throat wet.

Either way, the hero is under such a high, which he has not experienced since his youth, despite the fact that now he is sober as a glass and could go to the reception at the President of the United States, even the Queen of England. Rainbows and constellations are flashing before his eyes, clouded with love and rapture, a majestic angelic chorus sounds in his ears, and his tongue is slurred like after a good drink, so that the whole ardent monologue takes place only in his inflamed imagination. He feels as if he is flying with his angel through the heavens, cutting through the air, and asks the girl to cover him with her wings and share with him all his joys and hardships. In any case, this is what he thinks while he is drunk with love, dreaming in reality and wishing from the bottom of his heart never to sober up.

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