What does the song “Joji – Glimpse of Us” mean?

What does the song “Joji - Glimpse of Us” mean? songs

In a separate area of musical creativity, there are performers who are considered worthy of the title of master. One of these creators is the artist Joji. Joji is considered by many critics to be the masters of low-life. The Japanese singer, who has a significant admixture of Australian blood, conquered many countries with his individual compositions. Let at the same time his work does not have a large number of compositions. However, many of his compositions are quite interesting and have their admirers in many countries.

At the moment, in the work of George Kusunoki Miller, the considered composition “Glimpse of Us” is the most successful. This composition took first place in various charts in various countries. The Asian artist’s song became the first to hit #1 on Spotify’s global chart. He was also noted for his popularity on Tiktoke.

The composition “Glimpse of Us” was the first after Joji’s long illness. This composition was positively noted by music critics. It is possible that this song is not something that came out of the process of thinking. Some critics note that, most likely, there is a close relationship between the lyrics of the song and the life problems that have occurred in the life of the performer.

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The composition “Glimpse of Us” is dedicated to trying to forget the relationship. These past relationships have already become in the past, but they cannot be forgotten. A partner from a past relationship could save the performer from the burden of the whole world. Various comparisons of a partner from a past relationship are widely scattered throughout the song’s lyrics. However, characteristic of this is that they were perfect. Asking himself the question that if she was so perfect, then why is she not around, the performer replies that ideal does not equal this. A partner from a past relationship in difficult moments could change all the negativity in his soul to a clear and bright feeling, but she is no longer around.

Relations have moved to a new stage, but it is impossible to forget the past. Indeed, very often in the past there were many things with a partner that lingered in our memory. The ideal partner from past relationships is far away, but the performer still needs a new partner. There is doubt in the song, which is expressed through constant questions about what to do in this situation.

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The new partner is ideal, but at the same time, somewhere in the depths of the performer and author, there is a longing for past relationships that constantly appear before his eyes. Past relationships are seen by him in the reflections of the eyes of a new partner. Any attempts to immerse yourself in a new relationship by touching your partner leads to the fact that he remembers the past.

Attempts to forget past relationships end in nothing. Persuading yourself that everything is fine, that everything is behind does not lead to the desired result. This moment shows how strongly the performer is attached to past relationships. It is the failure of these attempts that permeates the composition “Glimpse of Us”. Even its name allegorically indicates the constant appearance of manifestations of past relationships. “Glare on”, which may be more meaningfully alluding to the specific content of life.

This relationship, as can be seen from the song, brought many injuries to the life of the performer. Maybe this is a reflection of real life, but here we cannot be sure.

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New relationships are influenced by old ones. The performer asks the image of the past partner with the question of how her new partner leads him. He has a desire that she, too, in a relationship with him, see glimpses of past relationships.

Maybe then there will be a return to past relationships.

The composition “Glimpse of Us” is a musical text, completely saturated with longing for past relationships. Each partner has a new relationship, but one of them is bad. In the new partner, he sees reflections of previous relationships and wants his old partner to have the same. Maybe that’s the only way old relationships can come back. With complete confidence, this composition can be attributed to romantic, a little sad and dreary songs.

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