What does the song “Jung Kook – ‘Seven’” mean?

What does the song “Jung Kook - 'Seven'” mean? songs

Single Seven is the debut single of Jungkook, a former member of BTS, and he decided to release a solo single even though fans were expecting an entire album from him. The song was released on July 14 featuring American rapper Latto. The producers of Jungkook decided to help the Korean singer present a romantic song to the public, in which he announces that he wants to spend time with his beloved.

History of the song

The song hit the top of the billboard in the US and became number one on the UK charts. In some countries, the song also hit the top ten – these are Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland. If we consider the genre of the song, then it belongs to the British pop songs of the garage genre. Here you can find the sound of an acoustic guitar and a catchy melody. At its core, this is a serenade, there are also more explicit versions in which the author expresses his sexual desire.

The performer shared his thoughts on the topic of certain decisions that were made regarding this song. He is sure that after he started his career in BTS, his fans will accept him anyway. He always uses the motto, that is, in everything, whatever he does, everyone can see his mark, a special style. When you look at his works, you understand that it is in his spirit.

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The song was not planned in advance, just the singer was shown the materials, he decided that he should release this song. He is sure that he has a special flair that helps to decide how to promote the song. Jungkook was involved in the pre-release process, the filming process, but most of the work was done by professionals. He believes that coming up with everything yourself is very single-handed, quite difficult, so it’s best when there is the support of real professionals and they help in creating a song, monitor its progress.

Jungkook wanted to show the dance itself, and the song is the main thing that he really knows how to do. Singing is his forte, he also knows the dance well and therefore is able to create any romantic song. According to the press release, the song is described as a fun summer serenade with UK garage influences. However, not everyone appreciated the lightness of the song, the song is not directly related to this style.

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Meaning of Jung Kook – ‘Seven’

There are multiple versions of the song and Jungkook decided to release both versions. In principle, the meaning of the song has not changed in any of the versions, the song is about physical intimacy, the guy from an overabundance of feelings is ready to provide his chosen one with everything she wants. For the sake of these sensations, he is ready for anything. However, each version has a special wording, allegorical. Many believe that the lyrical content of the song is very reminiscent of David Craig’s Seven Days, which was popular at the time. The atmosphere and images are very much in common, but one cannot say directly that the idea was borrowed, the plot component was written in completely different ways.

Rap artist Latto was surprised because Jungkook is a top singer, he has a huge fan base, and she did not understand why he wanted to collaborate with her. However, she decided that if she was approached, she would do everything to make the song popular. She also already has significant awards, she is known as the winner of the rap games show, is a two-time Grammy nominee, she has already recorded a collab with Mariah Carey, so you can’t call her a no-name. Also, if you consider the meaning of the song, then you should watch the video.

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The plot of the video is permeated with the love of a guy for a girl very much, but it looks destructive. He is ready to drown her in his love, he has no barriers, but she kills him. When the girl reciprocates, the hurricane subsides. The video looks romantic and beautiful, the South Korean actress Han Solo, who starred in the video, is a decoration. She helped in many ways to create the perfect video sequence. She plays her role perfectly and looks great with the main character and the singer of the single. They really show unbridled love, passion on the screen and make viewers and listeners believe in their sincere feelings, believe that real feelings and love exist in real life.

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