What does the song “Karen Skladany – Animal Cannibal” mean?

What does the song “Karen Skladany – Animal Cannibal” mean? songs

The singer’s song became quickly popular, the main theme being predatory behavior in any relationship between a man and a woman. The singer made relationships with different people, but they always turned out to be strange. He doesn’t understand why such strange people pay attention to him, and why he attracts women who have strange qualities.

The opening refrain tells of a specific case where the hero met a girl who devours her male friends. Naturally, she doesn’t actually eat them, she has such a destructive nature that she simply devours men. She suppresses them, infringes on their rights. The songwriter kissed this girl, then wondered why he attracts such monsters.

In the chorus, he sings about how only dogs follow me now. This means that the narrator has lost favor with the company of humans. He has become one of the docile animals, he has fallen under the spell of the woman in question who has involved him completely in her life, he has become subservient to her.

She forced him to break off relations with his friends, with close people, that is, he turned into a person who is interested only in this girl, lives only her life. It is very difficult, because even remaining in the closest relationship, a person must have his personal space, his personal life. He must have his relationships, his friends. However, there are a number of girls who put pressure on their partners, force them to cut off all ties, they do this with jealousy, threats and prohibitions. They frighten their loved ones with a breakup, as a result, a person is completely detached from life, and he suppresses his nature.

He also realizes that an animal nature arises in him, he has a desire for revenge against everyone who has ever brought harm to him, who has taken advantage of him. He responds defiantly to the manipulators, he becomes aggressive, he hits the hand that feeds him. He is willing to punch in the face those who raise a hand against him, he becomes defiant. The animal cannibal is that person, that character who becomes completely unsocialized.

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He is consumed only by his instincts, a behavior that confronts him with the realities of life and makes him completely detached from society. In the second verse he talks about the people who also get in his way – these are the people who give you a sense of deja vu, as if you have met these characters before. That all people are connected and there’s some kind of attraction that will attract these particular people in his life. It’s a continuous cycle, there is a special anxiety, paranoia, he realizes that he is under the control of secret personalities who are sending to him those people who have already met in his life, who have harmed him. He realizes that all people are similar to each other, they are identical and there is nothing interesting about them.

The singer talks about the fact that some people have some kind of gift, turn people into the dead, these are unusual personalities that haunt him, and he constantly feels someone’s presence in his life. This relationship pressures him, destroys him and he feels insecure. He doesn’t want to be part of such a life, he wants to find something different, something interesting, but everything is cyclical and repeats itself every time he meets someone. He meets the same manipulative people who completely control him and subjugate him. He emphasizes an aggressive reaction to the fact that only those people who want something from him, who suppress him, use him for their own purposes, appear in his life. He doesn’t feel loved, he doesn’t feel cared for.

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He repeats again that now only dogs follow him, that is, he becomes like an animal himself, who does not value relationships, who does not believe that there are real feelings. Danger attracts people, they can manipulate and suppress his personality – this is very hard for him, he feels insecure, he is down in search of real interesting, exciting relationships in his life. He doesn’t have the strength to fight for his happiness and maintain a healthy attitude to life.

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