What does the song “Kovacs & Till Lindemann – Child Of Sin” mean?

Kovacs & Till Lindemann - Child Of Sin songs

In January 2023, the song Child Of Sin was released. It was the result of a collaboration between two artists: the young Dutch singer Kovacs and the frontman of the band Rammstein. The song stands out against the background of most of the tracks that are popular today, because it challenges, raises to the surface global issues that are usually kept silent. She provoked a resonance among the fans of both performers, everyone saw something of their own.

History of creation

About the Dutch singer Sharon Kovaks started talking in 2014, when she released her first song – My love. This was a bright start for the performer, because in October of the same year she received her first award – Soul & Jazz Aword from the Dutch radio station NPO Radio 6. An album was soon released. Kovacs differs from the majority in the nature of her performance: she is distinguished by a hoarse voice, anguish and frankness – Sharon is not afraid to appear before the public as she is.

Clips of the singer – a small preview of theatrical performances. But earlier she did not speak directly about the personal – exactly until the moment when the song Сhild Of Sin (“Child of Sin”) appeared. A year before its publication, fruitful work began. Moreover, a performer, Till Lindemann, was involved in the project. He is also known for non-standard productions, bright shows. As a result, the Kovacs-Lindemann tandem attracted the attention of fans from both sides.

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The project was aimed at attracting interest to the problem of violence against women. Moreover, the performer Kovacs gives an explanation on her official channel. Under the clip, everyone can read what the singer put into the song. She decided to raise the topic of violence against women based on her negative experiences. Work on the project was carried out painstakingly for a long time, because sensitive issues were raised. The topic itself can hurt not only the performer, but also many women who are silent about the problem.

The artistic look of the performer facilitated the task of revealing the theme of violence from the inside. She was able to show how traumatic such an experience can be – abuse of women, girls, how long it affects the psyche. Sharon Kovacs, through this clip, stated her position – she strongly condemns various forms of violence (insults, assault, sexual and psychological abuse). The illustration through the video clearly shows what the abuse of women can lead to, even if it took place a long time ago.

Sharon also notes the participation of Till Lindemann and his team. The performer expressed his position – spoke out against violence against women. He supported Sharon Kovacs as she told her story through the song Child Of Sin. Lindemann believes it is important to talk about such issues, because he understands how devastating and long-term the impact of violence on women and girls can be.

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The meaning of the song Kovacs & Till Lindemann – Child Of Sin

If you listen to the lyrics of the Child Of Sin song, you can intuitively catch the negative influence of the very “sin” that underlies the difficult further consequences. The video sequence gives more understanding of the meaning. The plot of the video is based on a fight between the alter egos of the main characters, presented in a dance format. Sharon acts as a black angel, while Till sees himself in a hospital room. Both are on the verge of life and death, are fighting for survival.

The story began with concentrated violence. Each of the heroes lived their lives in the epicenter of difficult events, which, like a snowball, accumulated, prevented them from feeling the beauty of love. For this reason, Kovacs throws into the camera: “I am not a child of love, I am a child of sin!”. The hero of Till tells how the hands of a sixteen-year-old guy gradually got bogged down in blood.

Toward the end of the clip, you can observe the situation that led to the death of the heroes Sharon and Till: it was a couple who were in the car while driving, both shouted loudly, quarreled, as a result, violence caused a terrible accident. The dance, elements of which periodically appear in the frame, also ends. The black angel rips the heart out of the man’s chest. The hero of Till finally dies, like his alter ego. The black angel puts his heart into the girl’s body. So symbolically he breathed life. She rises, opens her eyes.

It is noteworthy that shortly after the release of the video, Lindemann had reputational problems amid a scandalous situation that could have destroyed a long-term career. He was accused of cruelty to women. After that, the fans were divided into two groups. Someone supported the artist, claiming that his participation in the Child Of Sin project whitewashes him, shows how much he supports the fight against violence. Others took this move as an attempt to improve their reputation. Regardless of this, the song Child Of Sin made a big contribution – it allowed to speak openly about the unacceptability of violence against women.

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