What does the song “Lil Peep – Right Here” mean?

What does the song “Lil Peep - Right Here” mean? songs

Right Here is one of the most famous songs by rapper Lil Peep. Even a few years after its release, it arouses the interest of young listeners. The track was released in 2016, even before the two studio albums that the rapper managed to release in his lifetime. In English, its title translates as “here”.

The song amazes not only with its unusual sound and melody, but also with the text, the meaning of which is able to amaze anyone. In this song, almost every person will be able to find echoes of his experiences. Let’s talk about the creativity of Lil Peep and the meaning of the song Right Here.

About the performer

The real name of Lil Peep is Gustav Elijah Ar. The future artist was born in the United States, but is of Swedish origin. The pseudonym “Peep” means “chick” – so his mother liked to call him in childhood. The singer began his creative activity when he was 18 years old. Cooperation with popular performers and stunning popularity came a little later, but the first fans of the singer appeared soon after the publication of tracks.

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In total, during his creative career, Lil Peep managed to release only two full-fledged albums. However, his discography is full of singles, mixtapes and tracks recorded with other authors. Some of his works were released posthumously.

Lil Peep’s creativity is quite peculiar. Hip-hop genre in his tracks successfully combines with echoes of other musical directions. Tracks often sound quite dark; although rap – a fairly common direction, they do not resemble the songs of other artists. Often they touch on difficult and hard-to-understand topics: addictions, mental disorders, love and separation from the beloved. Perhaps it was the abundance of love and depressive themes that made Gustav’s work appealing to many teens in 2016-2017.

Lil Peep passed away at the height of his popularity when he was only 21 years old. The cause of death was a psychotropic drug overdose. In a few years of his career, he managed to win the hearts of millions of fans. His creativity set a benchmark for many modern rappers.

What the song is about

In the song Right Here, Lil Peep is obviously addressing his lover, with whom he has relatively recently ended a relationship. He asks how she’s doing, but then answers himself, “I know it’s not good.” Already from the first lines the main leitmotif of the song sounds: “I’ll always be right here”. The guy asks his beloved to call him if she feels lonely or sad.

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Love is strong in the young man’s heart and he is willing to bitch if she insults him. At the end, the loving guy expresses his hope that he and his beloved have a future together. He is ready to wait as long as it takes, and will always be near the dear person.

What did the author want to say?

Love is a bright and strong feeling. A person who loves everything for his partner, not only will forgive all offenses, but will always be ready to come to the rescue in a difficult moment. Sometimes it happens that we do not immediately realize that this or that person is the love of our life. The lyrical hero of the song realizes this and is ready to wait for favor from the beloved girl. And even if she doesn’t change her attitude, he will always be there for her and give her a helping hand when he loves no one else.

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Truly love is not for something, but in spite of it. Unhappy love brings us a lot of pain and we never know if the relationship we perform in is forever.

The author leaves an “open ending” to his song. We don’t know if the guy and the girl will reunite. Or maybe the young man will eventually realize that he is worthy of a better one, one who will appreciate his feelings?


Lil Peep is a genius of the hip-hop genre. His music has become a source of inspiration for people all over the world. He lived a very short life, but he left a mark in people’s hearts. The song Right Here is one of the examples of how in his compositions Gustav reflects the feelings that each of us can experience. The track carries a sad and warm meaning: if a person truly loves someone, he will remain faithful to his love even after parting.

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