What does the song “Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao” mean?

What does the song “Me Gustas Tu - Manu Chao” mean? songs

“Me gustas tu”. It is this refrain that can be heard on the Internet, as the musical accompaniment of many videos on YouTube and Tik-Tok. Incendiary rhythms and uncomplicated words create a positive mood and have long become a truly viral melody of our time. However, very often you want to know what the song is about, what the performer wanted to say, what words many people around the world dance to. After all, this composition is already very famous all over the world.

The genre of this Latin American composition is Latin reggae with some moments of punk rock and ska.

In May 2001, “Me gustas tu” as the second single from the compilation “Próxima Estación. Esperanza” by Manu Chao. Moreover, this collection is the second solo album of this artist. Maybe the magic of numbers did not affect the popularity of the song, but it was “Me gustas tu” that became one of the most popular songs of this artist. I would like to say that it has become popular all over the world. Manu Chao sings not only in these two languages. This singer’s musical career has gone through various languages ​​and musical styles. His songs are characterized by a mixture of several languages.

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Let’s get back to the song itself. The text has a fairly simple structure that is well remembered. The song is written in Spanish with some elements of French. The chorus is where French speech meets. The musical component of this composition is interesting in that the background accompaniment is similar to several other tracks from the artist’s album. This feature can be traced in many of the creations of Manu Chao. On the musical component, you can notice the influence of many directions, as indicated above.

Me gustas tu in translation sounds like “I like you.” This phrase is repeated throughout the song.

The song itself is an enumeration of many actions. Each of these actions is some little thing, but it is these little things that are part of our life. An important part, without which life is impossible. Without these little things, our life is not valuable, regardless of place or time.

In addition to the little things listed by the performer, there is also a line of love for the girl. Almost every verse of the song ends with “Me gustas tu”. “I like you” follows every list of the little things in life. You might think that the performer remembers important things in his life and at the same time remembers that he likes his girlfriend. With the words “Me gustas tu” the performer shows his attitude towards his beloved. Things that he loves, and she immediately comes to mind. Feelings for a woman are expressed by these words. He enjoys life and at the same time enjoys it with her.

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The chorus raises the issue of him not knowing what to do. Turning to his heart, he wants to understand them.

Already at the end of the song, the performer tells us that he comes to understand what a precious life is. However, not all the bright moments of this life are undeniably positive. Life must be understood in all its ups and downs, which allows us to appreciate its importance. Only truly valued life is truly valuable. A light touch of the idea of ​​life and its absence, add to us the colors of life. In the lyrics of the song, you can see hints that love and enjoyment of life is one of the ways to overcome obstacles in it.

The song “Me gustas tu” can be called a ballad of love and enjoyment, enjoying life next to your love. With someone you love. With a love worth fighting for.

Cheerful and incendiary Latin American rhythms with lyrical content. That’s all you need to know about the song “Me gustas tu”. Without knowing Spanish and French, you will not be able to understand the full depth of this song, but the phrase “Me gustas tu” itself, somewhere in the depths of our soul, tunes in to cheerful lyrical motives. It is worth noting here that for us, a feature of Spanish-speaking songs performed in lyrical motifs is intuitive understanding. Without knowing the words, we are imbued with this music, motives, rare words that we understand.

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