What does the song “Melanie Martinez – Tag, You’re It” mean?

What does the song “Melanie Martinez - Tag, You're It” mean? songs

The song tag you are it by Melanie Martinez describes a predator who can pick his prey, stalk it. They feel like this song is an allegory for sexual assault, kidnapping. It has lyrics about a predator going to stalk a young girl and end up eating her. The lyrics of the song seem harsh and incomprehensible to many.

How the song was written

This song tag you are it was aired back in 2015, the music video was released much later in 2016. The song is about a girl being kidnapped, with metaphors such as a game of spots being used. The point is that the song’s heroine crybaby was originally kidnapped by her boyfriend Johnny, but he broke up with her and she was left alone, vulnerable and fell into the hands of a predator.

You can tell from the song that in the beginning the god was watching her and realized that she was the perfect victim. He drove up to her in a car and offered her candy, but she realized that the tinted windows would immediately hide her if she was inside.

Despite the fact that the girl strenuously refuses him, continues to chase her, drives, and finally he catches her. To prevent her from screaming, he covers her mouth with his hand. She fails to escape, even though she calls for help, but the situation seems completely hopeless, she tries to fight back, bites him. But it is difficult to do so because she remains a fragile girl, unable to physically win.

The victim realizes that there is a lot of venom in the predator, that she can taste the skin on my teeth. He takes her to the basement, puts her on a chain, he is fascinated by the fact that he was able to steal her. But at the end of the song already the last chorus her voice changes, becomes bitter, angry, she has lost hope of her salvation. She is trapped for eternity, this question worries her very much, she has lost this game, and realizes that it will not be possible to get out of it with dignity.

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A number of important themes are raised in the composition, but the main thing is that predators should not live in our society, it is important to provide support to all those who find themselves in difficult circumstances, who find themselves alone with predatory faces. Everyone should realize that those around them should react to everything that happens around them and try to help women in difficult situations. Everyone should take part in the problems of others, should help to avoid harmful behaviors. Who has ever been in a situation similar to this one should remember that you can avoid the predator only if you make maximum efforts, it should be played by the same means.

Melanie Martinez – Tag, You’re It

This song tag you are it raises a lot of topics, it is related to the fact that a person can often fall into a trap, that there are always predators and you need to be very careful of your surroundings. Most often hunters are looking for innocent victims, girls who do not suspect anything. The main thing is that nothing can stop them, they do not react to a shout or any action.

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Predatory behavior is very dangerous and with societal forces putting girls in danger, this is a warning for all listeners to be vigilant when they are on the verge of danger. You should not be driven a load by predatory people because everything can end very sadly. You should immediately avoid such people and try not to fall into their nets, this is a very difficult game, which can only be won by someone who can cope with the situation on his own. This situation involves a number of problematic things.

It is important for society to know that there are people who initially aim to find a victim for themselves. This process is very difficult, it is important to realize this, avoid such situations in every possible way, you should not play with the predator. The main thing is to completely exclude him from your life, try to bypass such people, forget that they exist. You can not bypass such problems, everyone should become part of the problem and try to solve it. It is necessary to provide assistance when necessary, it is necessary to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation. Do not think that if a girl resists, does not want to get into the car, it is just coquetry, every citizen should be interested in the situation and help the victim.

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