What does the song “Metallica – Fade to black” mean?

What does the song “Metallica - Fade to black” mean? songs

Metallica became known for their popular ballads, many of which have been hits for years. However, many people are interested in metallica’s song fade to black. It has always caused many questions, many believe that this song is about the inner despair of a person who is on the verge of suicide. The main goal of the song’s author is to end the suffering and finally get out of the hopelessness, but in fact there is a reference to the fact that the person decided to just end his life.

History of the creation of Metallica – Fade to black

The song Fade to black is a ballad and single from the 1984 album ride the lightning. Even though it’s been 40 years, this song is still striking in its beauty, but also in its bleakness. It’s a sad note of a suicide Exactly such themes in his verses, but many people think that James Hatfield, who was the author of the songs, reflected his inner world and was on the verge of suicide.

In fact, this is not entirely true, and according to the author, he had nothing of the sort in mind. The song was written in connection with the events of 1984, when the team was going to perform in Boston the day before the concert a van with all the equipment was stolen. This was a very big blow to the not yet fully popular band. The band did not have enough money to replace all the equipment instantly. The second van had an amplifier, which was very important to the band. So the ballad was written in a very murdered state when the band was in condition.

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It was the kind of sad, gloomy song that the author got, it just had to do with the events that surrounded them that day. A lot of people were very concerned about how the audience would accept such a dark song from metallica, because until now such a theme had not been raised. The dark subject matter raised questions even from the performers themselves. Though they knew for sure that the author was not so gloomy in his thoughts. Though in principle the whole album was devoted to the theme of death, especially the drummer, who also covered this theme, and the whole album was based on the theme of death.

The meaning of the song Metallica – Fade to black

The band got a lot of criticism because of this song, because a lot of people were afraid that kids would do something to you after this track. But in fact metallica got a feedback from young fans who on the contrary said that the song helped them to rethink some things, on the contrary they felt better.

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In any case it was a useful song especially for each member of the band, but the creator of this track made him learn to play the guitar more accurately, because there were many sonic nuances in the ballad which were difficult for the acoustic guitar. That said, the band’s guitarist wrote one of the best solo outtakes, arranging an improvisation to this ballad. This song was also a favorite of Jason, the band’s bassist, who played it solo at the last concert before he left, as he considered it very iconic and weighty for him.

This particular ballad is not very well sung, covers are very rare. The original sound is quite difficult to change, many people just perform the original song. Only Dreyman’s timbre added a special uniqueness to it and made it sound a little different. There are many covers that are distinguished by their own special nuances. One of them didn’t become completely popular and famous. There are acoustic covers, there are harper guitar, lyrical covers. The song is popular, so many people shoot their own cover versions of it.

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In any case, it is a well-known ballad that carries a deep meaning that has become really popular among a certain circle of band fans, as well as just rock ballad lovers. Many people appreciate it and it helps them in life to realize that any tragedy can be survived, that events change and one should not treat everything with unnecessary tragedy. The song was created at a tragic time for the band, when they were at a crossroads, facing problems early in their career. Any bump seemed like a tragedy to them. But in fact, the band was a resounding success and had come a long way to becoming a legendary rock band of all time. The lyrical ballad is not about love – but about how desperate a person can be. But the main thing is not to fall into despondency, not to make critical steps, but to continue on their way.

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