What does the song “Outkast – Hey Ya” mean?

What does the song “Outkast - Hey Ya” mean? songs

In 1991, the duo of two rappers – Ande Benjamin and Antoine Patton – climbed the musical podium. It is interesting because from the very beginning, they are engaged in the promotion of such a musical direction as southern soul mixed with j-funk. As a result of their activities, they have won numerous awards. 6 Grammy Awards is an indication of a fairly high evaluation of their work. To the results of their work should be attributed and the emergence of a new rap movement, which is characterized by the use of melodic compositions. This form of musical creativity was massively spread in South American states.

Most compositions of the presented direction are characterized by the absence of aggressive shouts. Performers are more inclined to create warm and lyrical compositions. A positive or humorous ending is preferable.

The composition “Hey Ya” emerged as a nostalgic feeling after listening to Ramones, The Smiths, The Hives.

As a consequence, Andre, one of the performers very quickly prepared the general format of the song and the content. Further refinements with the participation of various acquaintances resulted in a finished composition.

The meaning of the song Outkast – Hey Ya

The composition tries to discover the meaning of relationships and the fact of their standardization. The performer draws attention to the fact that a huge number of couples starting relationships, as well as building them, perform it according to some standards.

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Whereas these standards are imposed on them by the outside world. This outside world or the acquaintances who introduced them to these standards cannot cover the whole spectrum of personal relationships. After all, relationships also have a hidden part that is not shown to anyone. Forgetting the existence of this hidden part of personal relationships, people do not realize that there is no absolute standard. After all, the personal life that is not shown to others is different for every couple.

The performers bring to the realization that there is no correct standard for the relationship process within a couple at all. Each couple is unique and each couple has its own way of relationship.

Accordingly, the participants in their personal lives build and plan their relationships themselves. Only they can set the limits and rules of their relationship.

The protagonist of our composition proposes to shake like a Polaroid photograph. However, before that, he asks his neighbors for sugar. It is worth noting that here the performer notes to us that after the use of some illicit substances, you can and should rest from everything. The mention of sugarcane in specific social groups, which are fans of this performer, refers specifically to the use of illegal substances, and not to a sweet product. Note that it is with this call, to shake like a Polaroid photo, that this composition ends.

It is worth mentioning that some phrases from this composition became almost winged in English-speaking countries. One of them was a call to shake Polaroid photos, which in fact could only worsen the quality of the photo and is not recommended by the manufacturer.

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In some verses, the performer indicates that he wants to make his partner, but at the same time he does not want to meet her parents.

It should be noted here that the performer uses the word “cool” and “cool” in the verse. He asks several times what could be better than being cool. Here, most probably he is trying to flaunt this coldness to hide the inner component of their relationship. After all, his girlfriend loves him, as stated in the very first lines of the song.

If you look closely at the content of this song, you will notice that it is somewhat of a ballad about failed love. The raucous choruses and positive context hides from us the question the singer asks “There’s nothing eternal in the world. Why should there be eternal love?”. It is also pointed out that the performer asks the listener why we don’t want to admit that we are unhappy here.

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The composition “Hey Ya” is both a cheerful and sad composition. Depending on our mood, we can indulge in melancholy or positive mood.

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