What does the song “Paint the town red – Doja Ca” mean?

What does the song “Paint the town red - Doja Ca” mean? songs

Take colored pencils and a sketchbook and draw whatever your heart desires and whatever your imagination prompts. This activity, loved by children and adults, takes us into a wonderful world where there are no barriers to imagination, helps us temporarily forget about sorrows and failures and feel free and all-powerful. It is not for nothing that art therapy has gained such popularity in the stressful and fearful 21st century, and many adults gladly accept the opportunity to return to childhood. Perhaps, something similar was felt during the creation of her song by the American singer known to the world under the pseudonym Doja Cat. After all, this song is called “Paint the town red”, translated into Russian – “I’ll paint the town red”. By the way, the expression “paint the town red” means in English the nakedness of violent feelings, absolute frankness and at the same time – the ultimate degree of extravagance, unusual even for the stage.

History of the song “Paint the town red”

The girl herself says that the meaning and history of this song have nothing to do with the political struggle and the triumph of the ideas of communism around the world. Everything is much simpler if we remember that red is the color of raging flames, the color of a face blazing with anger and the color of rage. “When I hear or read what my enemies and just plain detractors say about me, I feel exactly that kind of raging fury inside me, devouring my soul like a hot flame,” says the singer. – In order not to let the rage consume me and spill out my feelings. I wrote this song”.

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First written in the genre of hip-hop composition sounded on August 4, 2023, bringing delight to fans of the singer and creating a new reason for criticism from her enemies. And yet the enthusiastic voices clearly prevailed – in the past month and a half the song has topped the charts in the US and Australia, as well as in the Old World, including Japan, South Korea and Singapore. To date, the song has become the most popular song in the history of female rap and has garnered over one hundred million views on the Web.

To “highlight” the meaning of her song, Doja intentionally performed it against a bright red background, which became more and more intense, fierce and blazing, as if reflecting the fire of her feelings and flaring inspiration. She also used bright red color emoji in her videos, not shying away from words like “rage” and “anger”. The girl feels pleasure in teasing her critics, who immediately began to recall her previous compositions, her difficult character and stories from her personal life. Moreover, she is perfectly aware of the existence of clips where her creation is performed against the background of the adventures of demonic creatures, as if created by the imagination of Bosch and Salvador Dali, and is not ashamed of this fact. As they say, the best answer to insults is an open challenge, the best defense against foes is offense.

The meaning of the song “Paint the town red.”

Although connoisseurs of magic and other dark arts claim to find in this song a meaning that only the initiated can understand, Dodja herself assures that she did not put anything occult in her creation and knows as much about magic as an ordinary admirer of Hitchcock’s films and their successors and novels of the “king of horror” Stephen King. She was simply pouring out her feelings as a daring rebel who was not afraid of strong words. That’s why the song is rated “18+”. But the extreme frankness of the girl who calls herself a “rebel” and a “deviless”, commits unheard of daring acts and gets high from her desperate courage, has nothing to do with “strawberries” and other frivolous things. She has no fear of making an unwanted impression and creating ample food for speculation and gossip.

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“I pressed the pedal to the floor, I’m going on a bender,” – repeats the singer about herself, making it clear to friends and foes that she is not afraid of anyone and anything in the world, clearly sees the black plans of their enemies, but is not going to go to the understandable and “will calm down very soon.” Maybe this unfeminine strength and frankness and attracted millions of hearts to the recently created composition, making music lovers from all over the world feel in the popular singer an example to follow and a kindred soul?

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