What does the song “Paper rings – Taylor Swift” mean?

What does the song “Paper rings - Taylor Swift” mean? songs

The audience’s attention to the work of American pop singer Taylor Swift is largely determined by the specifics of her musical compositions. The lyrics of the songs are often scattered with “Easter eggs”, by which the audience follows the events of the turbulent personal life of the actress.

To date, Swift retains the status of “the most enviable bachelorette” in Western pop culture. The exact number of her boyfriends, replacing one another, no one knows. However, it never came to the wedding. Socialites joke: If you’re going to get in a relationship or break up with Taylor, be prepared for her to sing about you on one of her shows. In a veiled way, of course, with innuendo and innuendo. But it will be enough to get under the radar of the press and get on the pages of the tabloids.

Creative credo of the singer.

In general, the musical style of Taylor Swift can be described as romantic. But this idea of the vocalist is built not only on happy songs about the beautiful feelings of lovers. She believes that romance can well be found in loneliness and sadness, and in thinking about whether another person likes you.

Through the romantic gaze of a young sensual woman, we see different events, through which a person changes, acquires a certain experience of life. In the life of each of us are inevitable meetings and partings. They add new colors and shades to the palette of feelings, adjust the emotional background, make us evaluate the actions performed.

As for the productions of the pop-singer’s shows, they are always bright. The singer admits that during the performances she often imagines herself in a wedding band of the 1980s era, which plays their favorite songs for the newlyweds.

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The lyrical theme of Paper Rings.

The song “Paper Rings,” Paper Rings, is the eighth track on Taylor Swift’s seventh “studio” album, titled Lover (2019). The liberties of translation, referring to Lover as “Lover” or “In Love,” do not change the overall concept of the songs recorded on it. They are about the partners’ commitment to each other, the passionate relationship and deep feelings in which they are immersed. Music critics rate the album as bright and fun, with “great emotional honesty.” They believe that the performer was at her “most liberated” in it. Particularly noteworthy among the eighteen main tracks is the song Paper Rings, with its energetic music and extended lyrics.

The lyrics read the stories of falling in love: the first meeting, the correspondence on the Internet, several months of emotional cat-and-mouse game, the attempt to resonate in the heart of the one who became the object of your interest. Finally, the man and woman go “from friends to this”: becoming a love couple and waking up in the same bed. The chorus tells them that one kiss in the morning is not enough: “Kiss you twice, because everything will be all right. Three times, because you’ve been waiting for this your whole life.”

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The semantic anchor of the song Paper Rings is the homemade paper rings that lovers are willing to put on their fingers as wedding bands. It’s easy for a man to opt out of any formality in formalizing a relationship: “I like shiny things. But I would marry you with paper rings.” The woman declares that she wants to stay with her beloved forever: “In paper rings, In picture frames, In all my dreams, You are the one I want.” In fact, this is a figurative illustration of the famous phrase “With a sweetheart in the shack.” For two loving hearts, the most important thing is to be together.

Commenting on the content of the song, Taylor Swift says it was inspired by a funny memory of her youth. When discussing their future marriage, the girls dreamed about what their wedding reception would look like. When asked what she would like to see the wedding ring, she answered: “If you really love a person, you say, ‘I don’t care.

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In fact, “Paper Rings” was inspired by Taylor Swift’s feelings for British actor Joe Alvin. The romance, which began three years before the song’s creation, had moved into an active phase by then. The couple never advertised their long-term relationship, but in early 2022, it turned out that it came to the engagement. Taylor’s ring was not at all paper, and she wore it only at home. The star couple took great efforts to ensure that their personal life did not become a subject of secular chronicles.

Much gossip about the imminent wedding stopped in April of 2023. There was a rumor that Taylor had a new favorite, more mature and reserved. The fact that Alvin was not at any show on the singer’s current tour confirmed – their relationship is over. Fans believe that in addition to Paper Rings, Taylor and Alvin’s love, which flared up and faded, are dedicated to other songs. For example, Invisible String, The Lakes, Peace.

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